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Our Weekly Sports Schedule

13 August 2015

Remember how I mentioned we used to have a slow lifestyle?

Well things have gotten a bit crazy over the last few months.

Life is not-so-slow now.

My two big boys play football and basketball. Once a week, they will each have one basketball training and one football training session, and then one basketball match and one football match each. So each boy plays about 5 hours of sport.

My youngest boy only plays football, so with a training session and a game, it’s only 2 hours a week for him.

They also learn music at home and we sit down and do extended learning and tuition with our kids too.

Is that too much? I have no idea.

For me, it doesn’t feel like a lot of work. I don’t feel THAT stretched. I feel like I’m doing the comfortable minimum for us. It feels good to keep the kids a little occupied and busy during the school term.

Sports Schedule

I like to show my friends our crazy Weekly Sports Schedule to scare them, but really it’s not that bad.

I LIKE having this structure to my week, because I can easily fit things around it and we can get so much done.

Each week, we manage to fit in an occassional date night, dinners with friends or family, a Friday night movie with kids, evening walk in the parks, play dates for the kids, maybe a sleepover, lots of errands, lots of weekly homework, lots of free playtime, lots of goof-off time like watching MythBusters and science documentaries, while eating snacks after dinner, board games, lego making, computer games, mucking around with our robotics set, plus I fit in all my exercise workouts and runs too.

Slow or fast, it works for us. Our lives are happy, full, well-rounded and completely satisfying at the moment!