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Girls Weekend to Yallingup, Margaret River

9 August 2015

Yallingup, Wyadup Rocks

I headed down to Yallingup for the weekend with 5 other girlfriends (no kids!).

My friend checked the tide charts and weather charts and took us to this little “secret” pool for a winter swim in the ocean!

I wasn’t planning to swim, so I didn’t take my swimsuit.

But when I saw the water, I was struck with spontaneous craziness, stripped off and jumped in – in my t-shirt and underwear!

Yallingup, Wyadup Rocks

This is my girlfriend testing the water before the rest of us jumped in.

Yallingup Aug 2015

We stayed at my friend’s parent’s house… and this is the view we had!!

Most afternoons, we sat on the balcony, reading, snacking and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset over the ocean.

Yallingup Aug 2015

We cooked up a storm of amazing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was soooo goood.

Yallingup Aug 2015

A storm rolled in one afternoon, so we decided to take a walk on the beach!

It was a bit crazy, but it was such a beautiful walk.

Yallingup Aug 2015

This was the beach, after the storm came through.

We watched a lot of sunsets over the beach.

Vasse Felix Winery and Restaurant

We also went to a few wineries and ate super posh (and super expensive!) food.

This was the duck dish at Vasse Felix and yes the food was absolutely delicious.

Yallingup Aug 2015

More beach walks. More stunning skies.

This is Shelley Beach in Bunker Bay.

Yallingup Aug 2015

When it rained, we did a lot of sitting around the fire and reading. I finished TWO books (I was 2/3 the way through two books), which felt awesome to accomplish.

In fact, one afternoon, we plopped down on the couch at 4pm… and the 6 of us sat quietly to read, listening to nothing but the pouring rain and crackling fire. We read until 8pm and someone yawned sleepily, “Maybe we should make dinner?!”

That was a golden moment!

No rushing around with kids, no hungry screaming toddlers, no bathtime battles, no rush, no agenda.

Ah it was bliss.

Anyway that’s enough photos, here’s to relaxing breaks and spontaneous fun!

Hope you enjoy your week xxx