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A catch up with girlfriends at The Standard, Perth

7 August 2015

My cousin was in town recently (visiting from London) and we organised to catch up with some of our childhood girlfriends over dinner. We decided to go to The Standard in Northbridge.

I’ve been here 3 times already – I really recommend it as a great place to have dinner and drinks!

Each time I’ve visited, I’ve taken my big DSLR camera and taken photos of what I’ve eaten. But each time, the photos turned out looking quite awful because the lighting in the restaurant is low and red in colour. Even with colour correction, I still can’t make the photos look “natural”.

So here is my third attempt to take photos of the delicious food at The Standard!

There were 5 of us and we ordered 5 plates of food to share.

The Standard Perth

First we ordered the Crisp eggplant salad, grapefruit caramel, pea tendrils and chilli ($18).

I really enjoyed the combination of flavours in this salad. I always love coriander and sprouts. The grapefruit caramel was sweet and citrusy and made quite a nice dressing.

I was expecting the eggplant to be a bit more crisp, crunchy and tasty… but it was chunky, soggy and lacking in a flavour that added to the salad.

The Standard Perth

This was my favourite dish on the menu: Grilled Chicken, rice noodles, peanuts, herbs and nuoc cham ($22).

YUM! The wait staff instructed us to shred the chicken apart, pour the chilli all over it and toss everything into a noodley salad.

The chicken was gorgeously marinated with salty Asian flavours. The dressing on the noodles was tangy and fresh. And the chilli brought everything together. It had minced ginger and garlic in it (much like Hainanese chicken rice chilli) and gave the noodles an amazing punch.

I’m a big fan of fresh Asian flavours with grilled chicken and this dish was just superb!

The Standard Perth

My other favourite dish for the evening: Glazed pork cheek, crisp jowl, broad bean and brussel sprouts ($26).

The pork was amazing! So soft, tender, tasty… it was cooked to perfection. The little bits of crispy pork fat that melted in my mouth made it all the more heavenly. The crunchy texture of the crisp jowl balanced the softness of the meat nicely.

The Standard Perth

We ordered the Beef brisket, brioche, pickle, Russian dressing, buttered cabbage ($25).

The Russian dressing turned out to be a creamy, cheese sauce, with a bit of tang to it (vinegar? mustard?).

I was a bit dubious at first, but everything on the plate was full of bold and delicious flavours, that I liked it in the end. The beef was lovely and soft, and the brioche was a nice touch.

I thought this dish was “pretty good” (I prefered the grilled chicken)… but my girlfriends LOVED it. When they ate it, their eyes rolled back and they’d go, “Oh god that’s so goooood!” and all throughout dinner someone would randomly exclaim, “MMMmmmm! That brisket is AMAZING!”

We also ordered Fava chips, mushroom ketchup and aioli ($9) but I didn’t like them, so I didn’t take a photo of it. I just found it too salty and I didn’t like the taste of the fava, which is a broad bean.

The amount we ordered was perfect for us.

I definitely want to go back again to try the Garlic Clams, the Yellow Fish Curry and the Mushroom Doughnuts. And maybe next time I’ll go during the daytime and take some photos of the food in natural light!

It was a fantastic night with good food and good company!

The Standard Perth
28 Roe St, Northbridge, WA