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The Pointed Toe Loafer

21 January 2015

I have been looking everywhere for a pair of nicely-shaped, slightly pointed-toe, man-style loafers; and the pairs that I had my eyes one were these or these.

Unfortunately, they were a bit outside my price range – because I wasn’t entirely convinced that they would even suit me or my style. They looked gorgeously stylish, they looked amazing on other people, they are “on trend”… but that was not enough of a reason for me to drop $200 on them.

Anyway, I stumbled across these…

Boohoo Loafers

They are lovely! And they were only $30!!

I got them from Boohoo and for THAT price I didn’t really stop to consider whether it was worth the risk. For that price, I expected them to be cheap, stiff, plasticky shoes that dug into my ankles as I walked.

But no! They are lovely, soft, and quite breathable (ie. my feet don’t get sweaty and stinky in them). Even though they aren’t leather, they are nicely cushioned and comfy to wear. Even the stitching, the joins and the glued edges are nice.

Since buying them they have sold out online. They are called Lucy Loafers, so keep an eye out for them, as they might get restocked again.

They have been replaced by the Zoe Bow Trim Loafers ($40) or the Ella Chain Trim Loafers ($40) also from Boohoo.

I’ll try my new Lucy Loafers for a while… and if I think I might wear them for 4-5 seasons, then I might splurge on a leather pair after all!

Here are a few other designs that I found, prices range from $45 – $145.

Happy shopping!