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Beach Holiday vs Cleaning My House?

2 June 2014

So how do you usually spend your public holiday weekends? For us, we’re pretty boring. We usually fill it with domestic stuff like cleaning our house, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, airing our rugs. Glamorous, no?

However, for the recent long weekend, we decided to head down to the south coast (Dunsborough) for a quick beach holiday.

Aside from our paid accommodation, we jammed in as many FREE activities as we could.

Dunsborough 2014

We went for a coastal walk, which involved scrambling over a lot of rocks.

I was wearing fashion boots (tsk tsk) which had NO grip on the rocks, so I had to take them off and climb barefoot. What a fashion fail.

Dunsborough 2014

We found rock pools with crabs and fish.

Dunsborough 2014

This is Meelup Beach. My husband taught the kids about the difference between “swell” and “waves” (otherwise known as “seas”). There was almost none of either… apparently, which is why the ocean was as flat as a pancake.

Dunsborough 2014

We saw whales and dolphins! And we explored caves, went for a beach run, ate exotic bread and ice-cream, had barbecues, toasted marshmallows, made giant sandcastles, etc etc!!

It was a fun and refreshing little trip. But now I can’t wait for this weekend, so I can mow the lawn and clean our house!!