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I know how many times you’ve had sex…

14 May 2014

Yep. That’s what my youngest son told me at breakfast this morning. He said…

“Mummy, I know how many times you’ve had sex!”

I double blinked. I looked suspiciously at my husband. He shrugged – meaning he was not to blame. I flicked my eyes over to one of my older sons, who looked away quickly. Aha! Guilty!

“And how do you know that, my dear?” I innocently asked my youngest.

So, it turns out that the night before, my husband and all three boys were watching TV, and some characters in the TV show were talking about sex.

My older boys giggled at the joke on TV.

But, at five years old, Liam didn’t know what was so funny, so he asked “Hey, what’s sex?”

My older boy answered, “Sex is when a man and a woman have a special kind of cuddle… to make a baby.”

Good answer! Not the whole truth, but accurate, and a good place for your five year old brother to start. Well done kid.

So apparently Liam nodded and went back to eating his apple and wiping his runny nose on the couch cushions.

However, during the night, he must have calculated how many times I have had sex, based on the number of kids in the family! *Eye roll* Well done to you too Liam.

So, there you go, my secret is out. I’ve had sex three times. What about you? :P