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Reassurance from under the fridge

3 February 2014

I have been feeling a bit anxious lately. Lots to do. Decisions to make. Not feeling settled. Eating lots and lots of chocolate. I might have upset a friend, but I was too scared of upsetting her to ask her how I might have upset her.  My kids have been a pain in the ass and don’t seem to remember that I grew each one of them individually inside my body. And so on.

And then a bad smell started coming from somewhere in the kitchen. And it seemed to be coming from under the fridge.

Obviously, a bad omen. I agonised over it all day. What could it be?

A dead rat, crawling with maggots?

A sausage or chicken drumstick that an ungrateful child had rolled under there?

Or something WORSE!?

Finally, I summoned up the self-respect and courage to slide the fridge away from the wall to take a look.

And there was nothing bad there at all.

In fact, there was some MAGIC.

A couple of coins.

Some dust.

And two fridge magnet letters that made my day. The letters had somehow gotten together in a way that told me everything was going to be…

OK Fridge

How could this have been better? Possibly, if the letter “A” had gotten in there in front of the “O”, then everything would have been “A-O.K.”.

But I’m happy just to see a simple “O.K.” :)