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Staying G-Rated at the Beach

22 January 2014

We’ve been hanging out at the beach lately!

Beach Letters

This is my 4 year old and I, being love hearts on the sand.

Beach Letters

And these are all my boys making letters in the sunset. I asked them to spell out a 3 letter word so I could photograph them.

After a lot of shouting and laughing, my 2 big boys started to direct my littlest boy… and I could see they were trying to spell out the letters F-U-C… !!!

So I barked at them and they quickly came up with something a little more G-rated. A nice three letter word like C-A-T.

Gah… my boys are SO naughty!!

And anyway… how did they think they were going to spell a four letter word with only three guys?!?!