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Push it like you STOLE it!

11 December 2013

I live in a nice suburb.

Not too rich, not too poor. Everyone is doing okay.

Shopping Trolley

So, I was a little unhappy when this shopping trolley appeared in the park near my house. I associate abandoned roadside shopping trolleys with places where nobody seems to care about litter, broken down cars, roaming wild dogs, garbage bins on fire etc. And the shopping trolley was stolen property, right? This is illegal, right?

I waited a whole two weeks for the police, or some other government authority, to come around and remove the shopping trolley before drug dealers set up a shop in it, but nothing happened. It just sat there. Everyone seemed to ignore it. And it seemed very lonely and unloved.

HELLO was I the only person concerned about the decay of society?

I decided that I would do something about it myself – I told my husband to return it.

But his blank look showed me that he could think of a million other things that were more important. So then we discussed HOW we could remove the shopping trolley from our suburban heaven. It was too big to go in the car. He didn’t want to go to the trouble of borrowing a friend’s car.

Finally, late one afternoon, we decided to modify our usual walk in the park (with our three kids) into a bike ride and a trolley push mission to return the trolley to the shopping centre – two kilometers away!

Now, I like to keep fit and although I was going to be embarrassed to be seen pushing a shopping trolley for two kilometers through my home suburb, I thought it would be quite easy… especially since someone else had obviously pushed it all the way to the park near my house.

My youngest, of course, wanted to ride IN the trolley, rather than walk.

Shopping Trolley

As I started to push, I looked down and saw this warning.

Shopping Trolley

Um… maybe that only applies INSIDE the shopping centre? Can I lose my driving license for having an unrestrained kid in a stolen shopping trolley? Oh well… we put his helmet on, at least!

The bad news is that a shopping trolley is a nightmare to push on a park pathway. Even on the smoothest of paths, it was awful, with vibrations and noise. On the rougher parts, it was shaking so hard, even at walking pace, that it made my arms sore.

My other two boys and my boy-like-husband were on their bikes, and of course, our walk quickly turned into a race.

Shopping Trolley


At even a slight run, the metal trolley made a constant crashing sound that was so loud I literally couldn’t hear myself shouting. Luckily, it was impossible to push any faster… at a certain speed, the wheels began to vibrate so much they became like brakes, and the trolley slowed down! I am guessing that this is a deliberate part of their design… so they will not be stolen by boys, and used for going down hills?

The noise and discomfort of the shopping trolly was so bad that we had to stop at every little park and swing set along the way, to take a break.

Eventually, and very, very slowly, we made it to the shopping centre.

Shopping Trolley

And we found the place where our shopping trolley could cuddle up with all the other shopping trolleys at the end of the day, back home where it belonged. Yay!

Shopping Trolley

All I can say is… it ISN’T EASY pushing a shopping trolley 2km, so no wonder they are not stolen more often.

Two days later, my arms and legs still ache!