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Breakfast at Lo Quay

22 October 2013

This morning, I skipped off by myself to enjoyed a simple (and solitary) breakfast at a little cafe called Lo Quay River Cafe.

Nestled right next to the Canning River in the southern suburbs, about 15 minutes away from the city, the cafe has gorgeous views of the sparkling water.

There is an indoor seating area, which gets really loud and busy most times. There is an outdoor area, with tables under fancy umbrellas. And there is another outdoor area, with plastic picnic tables on the grass, under the trees and right next to the playground.

Lo Quay

After months of training rides and increasing my calorie intake – it’s nice to “eat light” again!

I ordered a simple bruschetta, with tomatoes, avocado and parmesan on crusty bread.

It looked great, but it didn’t taste amazing. It was much too simple and plain for the price.

It was, however, a very nice change to what I had been eating in the past few weeks.

Lo Quay

This is my soy flay white. Bleh, it looks terrible!

I haven’t found many cafes in Perth who can create a good looking soy foam head. So this is the sight I usually have to put up with around here ;)

But the coffee was actually quite good. I was shocked. The blend and grind was surprisingly smooth. And it tasted fantastic. I was tempted to order another one.

I will definitely be back, with my kids, because the river view is just gorgeous.

But I might pack my own food, sit on the grass, order takeaway coffee and buy a few ice creams for the kids.

Lo Quay River Cafe
215 Fern Road
Wilson, WA 6107

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