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The Dog in My Kitchen

10 September 2013

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was not a fan of dogs.

I never had one as a kid, and I thought of them as dirty, smelly, disease-carrying, poop-making machines – that scared the hell out of my toddlers in the park (whenever they ran up to us at terrific speed, teeth drooling with slobber).

But today, I have one in my kitchen.

No, we do not have a new pet!

My husband’s Aunt recently moved to live close to us, and she has a dog named Billie. When she comes to visit, so does Billie… and I have gotten quite used to having him around.

Today, we were babysitting Billie while our Aunt was visiting somewhere that dogs are not allowed. I was actually very happy with this arrangement… but Billie was not. He is very attached to our Aunt. She warned us Billie would sulk.

Sure enough, as soon as our Aunt left (without him), he went into a woeful sulk.

But he didn’t go and find a quiet corner to hide in. No way.

He carefully set himself down in the MIDDLE OF MY KITCHEN, while I was trying to cook dinner!

Billie Having a Sulk

So I cooked dinner, stepping over him and around him, while my kids did their homework. Every now and then, he would sigh deeply. I would bend down and give him a pat, and he would completely ignore me.

What a sulker! But I was also spoiling him rotten, because nobody else gets to be in the kitchen while I am cooking.

He warmed up to me very slightly about an hour later. I even got this photo of him making eye contact with me.

Billie being a Cutie

What a cutie!

When our Aunty came home, Billie was SO excited and SO happy, it was actually beautiful to see them together.

I guess dogs are really just like people.

But with bigger and sharper teeth.