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Smitten In One Fell Swoop

2 September 2013

One Fell Swoop SS14

Last week I attended a fashion show in the middle of the city… but with a difference.

Between all the fancy, glittering shops… I found myself, with a bunch of other fashion media types, in a dark alleyway that led to an old, dusty, unused cinema – untouched for 20 years.

One Fell Swoop SS14

The cinema had been gutted. The floors, walls and steps were bare concrete and wood. The place wasn’t actually dirty like a construction site, but there was definitely a feeling of rawness, a striping back of all surfaces, stepping back into the past and walking into a crypt of some sort.

I was surprised that the whole place was not freezing cold and filled with a terrible echo.

Oddly, it was warm, inviting and exciting.

One Fell Swoop SS14

We were all here to view a SS14 Runway Presentation by One Fell Swoop.

For my international readers…

One Fell Swoop is an Australian label that began 8 or 9 years ago. Over the years, they have slowly built a cult clientele who are utterly in love with their dedication to luxurious fabrics and gorgeous tailoring and draping. But I have never tried on any of their clothes, mostly because it is quite tricky to find their stuff and they are only stocked in a few stores.

In 2011 they won the WA Designer Of The Year award for their innovation and have since showcased their collections in Singapore.

I’d say that their style is sophisticated, modern, minimal and avant-garde. Does that make sense? They are well known for drapes and playing with feminine shapes, forms and fabrics.

It’s hard to describe. Here, look at my photos from the runway.

One Fell Swoop SS14

The show gave us lots of classic One Fell Swoop stuff. Amazing drapes around the body, tucks and folds, mixed fabrics.

I have always liked looking at their clothes on the runway!

But would I wear any of it?

Hmm, I’m not sure. It all looked really sheer.

I bumped into a few people I knew at the show, and they told me they were wearing 2, 3 or 4 layers of One Fell Swoop garments, all layered effortlessly over each other. And they looked good.

One Fell Swoop SS14

Left: This navy lace dress was gorgeous! I loved the lace panel at the front and back. So sophisticated and sexy.

But hmm, I may not be “perky” enough for this particular dress :P

The navy drape top on the far right was nice and it looked wearable. The back panel was completely lace and sheer though. Good for layering.

One Fell Swoop SS14

As each piece came down the runway, through the cavernous hall… I thought OMG YES, I’m going to pop into a store and give them a go.

That short, sleeveless, red dress in the second row, second from the right… has my name written all over it!

One Fell Swoop do have a website, but it is not an online shop. Hopefully they will have their website updated so their garments can be available internationally.

I know they are stocked at Dilettante boutique at 575 Wellington Street (near the corner of King Street) – where you can also find Dion Lee, Gareth Pugh, Helmut Lang, Josh Goot, Preen, Vivienne Westwood.

It was a gorgeous show and I was so grateful to be invited!