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Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

8 August 2013

Earlier this week, I woke up and said to the cold, stormy winter morning, “EAT THIS BIATCH!”

Then I wore the most un-wintery winter outfit I could put together.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

As I headed into the city, I looked *considerably* out of place on the train – filled to the brim with working commuters.

Why does everyone wear black?! Come on people, lighten up :P

Anyway, public transport was good to me…I whizzed past 16 kilometres of cars jammed on the freeway in a few minutes.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

I was excited because I was attending the Calendar Launch for the Perth Fashion Festival.

Champagne on a Tuesday morning! Rubbing shoulders, spilling coffee, eating gourmet pancakes and getting blueberry stuck in your teeth… with the top peeps of the fashion and media industry! What a WIN!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

The launch was held at the ABC TV Studios in East Perth, with the actual gathering and fashion show held inside a TV studio.

I was totally enamoured by all the specialised equipment, the dangling black lights and the technical gadgetery everywhere!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

Was I the only fashion blogger photographing the glowing pink cable bundles/boxes/thingies? POSSIBLY.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

We saw a fashion show featuring local designers, a taste of what’s to come in the full festival.

WA designers such as Empire Rose, Flannel, Morrison, Ruth Tarvydas and Zhivago will be showcasing their work during the festival, with stand-alone fashion shows by One Fell Swoop and Jaime Lee, as well as shows from hot Australian labels such as Camilla and Marc and ELLERY.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

This is Zara Bryson and I, having a SPLURGE vs STEAL moment.

Valentino Studded Pumps $1,090 vs. Ava Studded Heels $65!!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

Anyway I just want to share with you this image from the PFF campaign – Uniquely WA – which actually made me glow with pride and delight. It is such a cheeky, sexy and visually compelling photo.

The concept of mixing WA fashion with WA mining (possibly the most un-fashiony industry ever!) is clever, cheeky and I must say, very entertaining.

You see (for my international friends) – in the last 10 or so years, Western Australia has gone through an amazing mining and resources boom, boosting the Australian economy despite the worldwide Global Financial Crisis. Houses, rent, food prices have sky rocketed over the years, and according to new figures, Perth is apparently now the most expensive Australian city to live in.

Mining is such a huge part of the local economy that there’s a local joke… that what defines and distinguishes WA’s fashion is – bright yellow hi-visibility safety gear haha!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

So I applaud the PFF team for their creativity and wicked sense of humour!

Check out the PFF Official Website for the whole fashion calendar and to buy tickets.