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My Little Chicken

6 August 2013

Do you have pet names for your kids?

Liam July 2013

For my 4 year old, I call him my Little Chicken.

And when I do, he responds with a “Bok bok!”

Haha it’s so cute.

Liam at 8 months

The name came about when he was about 8 months old. About the time when this photo was taken.

He used to sit in this funny (and brooding) kind of way.

Ok he didn’t look so much like a LIVING chicken… but more like an upright RAW chicken?! But with a big head?!

Anyway, the name stuck.

(My 10 year old and 8 would kill me if I shared their “official” pet names on my blog. So I might just have to save them for their 21st birthdays.)