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SK-II Essence Set for $99

30 August 2013

I went shopping and lunching with my mum the other day. We casually strolled through the cosmetics department, chatting about all kinds of stuff, and we walked passed the SK-II counter.

I was stunned to discover that she had not tried any SK-II products before. Lots of her friends use it, they talk about how amazing it is and they also complain about how expensive it is. Which is pretty much what my friends talk and complain about too.

She was a little unconvinced about all the hype surrounding these “miracle beauty products”… WHATEVER. I dragged her over to the counter, sat her down to try out the essence, lotions and creams… and basically sold her over to the dark side :)

Seriously 10 minutes later we walked away, giggling like school girls with a bag full of goodies – and complaining about how expensive it all was haha!

Anyway, I got home and did a bit of online shopping research. *Face palm!*

SK-II Essence Set for $99

There’s a special promotion at Adore Beauty for a
SK-II Pitera Essence Set for $99.

It’s a *perfect* set (size/items/price) for those wanting to try SK-II products. And it includes free shipping within Australia!

Should have bought it online doh!

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Gordon St Garage Cafe

29 August 2013

Last week, I met up with my cousin (who was in town from Singapore) for brunch at the new Gordon St. Garage.

I’ve read so many positive reviews about this place, I thought it was a good opportunity to check it out with her.

Gordon St Garage

The cafe used to be a car workshop, tucked away in the quite end of West Perth.

From the outside, it looked pretty unassuming, boring and plain.

Gordon St Garage

But taking a step inside, and we were greeted with an eclectic mix of retro furniture, recycled materials, funky bits and pieces, vintage this and that.

It had a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. I liked it immediately!

Gordon St Garage

The space was very large. There was lots of natural light. Lots of elbow room. And lots of seating.

We arrived at 10am. It wasn’t busy or noisy. The waitstaff were friendly, but looked quite confused when I asked permission to take photos.

(Maybe because no one asks permission anymore?)

Gordon St Garage

I liked that the fruit crates were just lined up in the middle of cafe… and I could take a peek at the produce.

Gordon St Garage make their own blend of coffee, roasted and ground on site. The place smelt amazing. And I was keen to try it out.

Gordon St Garage

This is my short, soy flat white ($4).

The crema didn’t look fabulous, but it tasted lovely.

Gordon St Garage

I ordered the house smoked salmon, potato and zucchini hash brown, spinach, poached egg and béarnaise ($21).

I was a little underwhelmed with the portion and the spinach looked a little over cooked. And for a moment I thought they served up a block of fried tofu? Nope, it was the hash brown.

But it tasted fantastic!

The salmon was juicy and succulent, the eggs were poached perfectly, the béranaise sauce was lovely, and all the flavours exploded happily in my mouth.

I was very satisfied.

Gordon St Garage

My cousin ordered the sweetcorn fritters, chunky guacamole and feta ($17).

The chunky guacamole and salsa was delicious. It had a fresh, tasty zing to it. The fritters were nice to balance the sharpness of the guacamole, salsa  and feta.

But perhaps the feta was too over-powering? Or maybe I shouldn’t have scooped everything into my mouth all at once??

Haha I’m such a pig. Get in mah belleh!

Gordon St Garage

Sticky date pudding with icecream ($14)

My cousin and I shared the pudding. She must’ve been so kind (or sneakily trying to watch her waist), because I think I ate most of it!

Again, it looked a bit underwhelming. It looked dry (and like another piece of tofu?).

But soaked with the caramel sauce and the ice cream… it was gooorgeous! It topped off the light brunch and coffees very nicely.

I wouldn’t say it was worth the money though. $14 for such a small piece of cake is a wee bit steep.

Overall… I adored the interior, the atmosphere and the vibe. Coffee is great. Food was nice. Service was good. A bit pricey, but I’ll definitely be returning.

I think next time, I would like to come again for lunch and try something a bit *heavier* from the menu!

Gordon St. Garage
16 Gordon St
West Perth, WA

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday
Mon – Sun 7am – late

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

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Suiting Up with Bec & Bridge

28 August 2013

Suiting Up

Another outfit from my wonderful blog sponsors, Frockaholics. Thank you guys! I’m so grateful!

Aussie designers around the country have dropped a tonne of new stock in stores, just in time for the new season. Look out for fab monochrome items, bold graphics, and floral prints.

Here I’m wearing a super-duper cute jacket and shorts from Bec and Bridge. I love the print! I’ve never worn a matching floral suit. I feel busy, like a newspaper. Yet effortlessly cool, as I sashay around in a camouflage blur of black and white.

They are fab investment pieces, as you can wear both the shorts and jacket separately, again and again. Both are standout, eye-catching, tailored pieces, and both are versatile for polished styling.

There are also a dress and  a pair of pants (in the same print) on sale, but I thought I would get more out of the jacket and shorts.

Top is from In Good Company

Strappy heels are from ASOS.

Felt hat from Sportsgirl

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No Flash!

26 August 2013

After going to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore, I sat down with my 4 year old to help him fill in his travel journal.

We lay on our tummies on the hotel room floor, facing each other with his book between us, and started to draw things we saw.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

First, I drew a jellyfish and he drew a shark.

(The next time you write the word SHARK, you too must decorate the letters with teeth!)

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then I drew a dolphin and he drew a clam.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then yeah, my son drew a NO FLASH sign.

Obviously he was very struck by them at the jellyfish tanks?

How funny!

Oh the things that kids remember!

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25 August 2013

I have a new mirror! Yeah another one!

This time I have it set up in my bedroom, so I can take a quick outfit snap before I head out the door. It’s awesome. How did I ever live without it? My potential for vanity will now know no bounds!

The only problem is that I have to tidy my bedside BEFORE I take a photo. And under my bed too! Pfffft who cleans under their bed?!

Me, now! Old bed slippers, fuzzy socks with holes, bits of tissue paper, balls of dust, piles of hair… it’s not a good look. I guess it’s incentive for me to sweep more :P

The other problem is that our jarrah floors seem to emit an orange colour tone EVERYWHERE… so I look like I have a killer tandoori tan. And my legs seem to blend into the floor boards. Oh well. I’ll work something out.

Camilla and Marc Dress

So this is me AFTER attending a fashion event the other night. It’s about 10:30pm and god knows how I managed to look so fresh and smiley. Lots of makeup?

I’m wearing a new Camilla and Marc “Night Flute” Dress from Frockaholics. Eeeeek omg omg it’s such a gorgeous dress!

I wasn’t too sure about the print at first. I thought it looked a bit too “retro 60s print” for me? But it’s so quirky and unique. The pattern is actually an African inspired print. And the cut hints at the 50s with its sweetheart bustline, nipped waist and big circle skirt. Love it!

I moderned up the dress a bit, with a white snakeskin biker jacket and some rock stud heels. I didn’t wear too much jewellery. Just some jewelled studs. And a silver clutch.

Jacket from YesStyle
Heels from BooHoo
Earrings from Shopbop

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

23 August 2013

SEA Aquarium, Singapore

While we were in Singapore, we went to check out the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa.

We were guests of the Singapore Tourism Board, who recommended we visited the attraction and kindly gave us complimentary passes.

Actually, everyone I know, who has visited Singapore (with kids) says it’s a MUST VISIT attraction. Everyone raves about it and recommends it.

But to tell the truth, I actually had my doubts.

My husband and I are advanced scuba divers. Ahem. We’ve seen ship wrecks, live coral reefs and even went swimming with whale sharks. We take our children to the beach… they can snorkel, collect dead crab shells and pick up live jellyfish WITH THEIR HANDS.

Plus we’re from Australia! It’s surrounded by ocean! Just travel in one direction and you’re bound to bang into water.

So a part of me believed that… my kids might not enjoy the whole artificial concept of an AQUARIUM.

But I was soooooo wrong!

SEA Aquarium, Singapore

Apparently the Aquarium holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Aquarium and the World’s Largest Acrylic Viewing Panel.

It was freaking HUGE! It was jaw-dropping, eyes-popping, stand-motionless HUGE!

See the two figures in the photo above? They are my two big boys… completely dumbstruck.

The tank was amazing. It was quite an experience to just stand there and watch the underwater world go by.

SEA Aquarium, Singapore

There were many (like seriously, MANY!) tanks with different themes and creatures from different regions.

This was possibly my favourite tank of them all – The Shipwreck of the Java Sea.

I liked it the most because I remember scuba diving on my very first shipwreck…… As I descended deep into the water, weightless, as if I was flying, the shape of the shipwreck slowly appeared before my eyes. It lay at the bottom of the ocean like a humungous, still, sleeping animal…… and I had an indescribable feeling of overwhelming wonder and spine-tingling awe.

And standing in front of this tank, I kind of relived that moment and produced a little tear.

(Yeah, most people cry during romantic comedies and I cry at shipwrecks!?!)

SEA Aquarium, Singapore

This was my other favourite tank (I’m not sure what it was called).

It was one of the many (MANY!) tanks filled with little colourful fish. And I was so happy to stare at them as they glittered in the water like dancing confetti.

I loved all the colours.

I kept telling my children… OH MY this is EXACTLY what it looks like in real life! But this is actually better because the water is so clear and everything is right in front of you. And you don’t have to get wet. You are SO lucky to be seeing this. Not many people have the opportunity to see all this amazing stuff in THIS way.


SEA Aquarium, Singapore

Near the end, my husband and I were walking hand in hand… and we spotted this information board about deep sea Anglerfish.

We took a moment to read it. We looked at each other, and then burst out laughing! And I mean, bending over and cackling kind of laughing, like immature teenagers!



Hoo hoo, we had *such a good laugh* over it.

Overall the S.E.A. Aquarium was an outstanding experience!

We all had a great time. It was engaging, interesting, and very impressive. It was totally worth dragging my whole family away from the hotel pool and spending a few hours to explore the place :)

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Holographic and Floral

21 August 2013

Floral & Holographic

A few weeks ago I received this new Arctic Queen dress from Alibi Online – featuring a gorgeous kaleidoscope floral print.

I still can’t get over how pretty and vibrant it is! Like a flower shop exploded on it!

Anyway, I wore the dress BACK TO FRONT this time. Sounds terribly uncool, but just look at it! Looks like a normal dress right?

The bust, tummy and bum areas (of the dress) looked absolutely fine – because let’s face it, if you want to wear a dress the wrong way, you want it to make sure it skims over your curves correctly.

You don’t want lumpy bits in the wrong places.

I wore it out to dinner like this and received a few compliments, so it couldn’t have looked that weird (or lumpy) haha.

When the dress is worn the right way around, it has a very high, round neck and it’s just a slightly different look… so it’s kind of = two dresses in one! You can check what it looks like in my post here.

Floral & Holographic

T Bar Heels – These heels are my second pair of Vangoh Shoes. They are hell cute! The T-Bar adds some visual interest and creates a geometric look that suits the “bold, geometric print and pattern” trend that is very popular at the moment. Me love!

My clutch is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Wristlet from The holographic shine is very cool, and goes well with the dress. I couldn’t stop *pressing it* all night to see the colours warp.

My friends were like – “Dude that’s not an ipad! It ain’t touchscreen. How much have you drunk?!”

My bracelet (pictured left) is from Forin Jewellery and sparkled so nicely! I must try to find more glittery crystal charms to add to it.

Hope everyone’s having a fab day so far xxx

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I’m Still Alive

20 August 2013

Sunset - River

I stumbled across one of my old photos this afternoon.

It kind of jumped up and took my breath away.

It made me gaze into the folds of colour, towards that pale yellow blur and made me think – is that for real?! Did I really sit in that moment?!

I’ve been feeling a bit lackluster this last week. Not in the mood to talk about fashion. Or shopping. Or share funny kids stories. Or anything really. I just wanted to hang around people I know and love. Just wanted to do normal, boring stuff like folding clothes with my music turned up loud.

But by this afternoon, I think I’m over my solitude… and ready to greet the world with my smiling face again.

*I took the photo about 5 years ago. It was from this blog post. We were at the river, enjoying a warm summer evening by the shore. It was New Year’s Day and we were waiting for the fireworks to start. But turned out that THIS SKYSHOW was so much cooler.

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Goodbye Ah Poh

18 August 2013

Hi everyone, I do apologise for being missing for the last few days…

Goodbye Ah Poh

On Wednesday morning, my grandmother (my father’s mother) passed away at the age of 96.

She left behind 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 10 great-grand children (of which I have contributed 3).

Almost all our family members and close friends are in town at the moment. It has been a busy week for my family.

Goodbye Ah PohMy grandmother was born in 1917, in China. Almost a whole century ago. It boggles my mind as to what kind of childhood she had. Growing up in China. Fleeing from the Japanese occupation. Escaping to Singapore. Meeting her husband. Then living a life of simplicity and hardship with her young family – 2 boys and 2 girls.

Her husband (my grandpa) died about 30 years ago. She never remarried. But she remained very close to all her children, who took her in and looked after her well. She eventually moved to Perth, always living with family and being cared for by family, friends, a local church group and friends from the local Chinese community.

Everyone said they would remember her as a strong, quick-witted, feisty lady! That she was! She was always smiling too, always caring and always full of good humour.

The funeral was held on the weekend.

So many people turned up to support us and to share some lovely memories of her.

At the cemetery, the rain stopped just in time. The sun came out from behind the clouds as we slowly walked through the cemetery grounds. She was buried in the same lot as her husband. We said goodbye to her with a sprigs of lavender and cut flowers from the garden.

Goodbye Ah Poh, we will miss you and I hope one day I will be a strong, quick-witted, feisty old lady too!

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Vangoh Shoes

14 August 2013

Hello hello everyone!

I would like to introduce you all to brand new sponsors for my blog, Vangoh Shoes.

They are an online shoe store focusing on stylish and comfortable shoes and accessories for women.

How are they different? They stock a unique collection of shoes (leather and non-leather) at affordable prices. They focus on classic shapes and styles, with a touch of trend. Plus they ship worldwide.

(Flat rate shipping within Australia is $9.95)

I really like their designs, because the shoes look great and are perfect for everyday wear.

Vangoh Shoes

Barcelona Flats ($47.97), Snake Skin Flats ($49),  and Alexandria Flats ($49).

Vangoh Shoes are run by a husband and wife team based in WA. I spoke to Vanessa Goh, owner of Vangoh, who says her husband actually started the business first, and named it after her (awww is that sweet or what?!). They have two boutique stores in Perth, the brand is stocked in over 30 stores around in Australia and they have an online store.

Vangoh Shoes

The majority of shoes in stock are uniquely designed by Vangoh. They also stock other shoe brands, bags, accessories and jewellery.

I managed to pop into the store to check out their CLEARANCE SALE.

The sale is also online, so do check out the fab bargains.

Vangoh Shoes

These Merlot Ballet Flats were $69.97, now $41.97.

Vangoh Shoes

These Bordeaux Flats are one of their best sellers! Non-leather, soft, breathable. Apparently it is great for people with wider feet, long toes, as it is nice, roomy and comes up quite high on the upper foot.

They were $79.95, now selling for $47.97!

They are a variation of the the Barcelona Flats, also a best seller (seen in the first photo of this post).

Vangoh Shoes

Yep they also have heels for partying, work and events.

As well as a whole swag of colourful clutches and bags.

Vangoh Shoes

A note about Vangoh sizing – I noticed that lots of the shoes I tried on were on the large side.

While I usually fit a AUS Size 5 or 6. I needed to put a gel pad on the sole of the Size 5 in order for it to fit perfectly. So if you’re looking to buy, you might like to try a smaller size.

Vangoh Shoes

OK, so the Vangoh Team let me walk out with 3 pairs of shoes from their clearance sale to test out! Eeek!

I’ll be dressing them up over the next few weeks.

But to start, I’m showing off the Barcelona Flats in Navy in my most classic winter outfit!

As I said earlier, I am wearing a Size 5, with an inserted gel sole. THEY ARE SO COMFY! I have been wearing them everywhere the last few days, and my girlfriends (with size 6 feet) and my mother (who is also size 5) want to steal them from me! It kinda makes me want a pair in all colours :)

Please pop over to the Vangoh Website to check them out.

Rest of the outfit:
Trench coat by Mersh
White t-shirt from Country Road
Jeans by Vivienne Westwood
Tartan scarf by Burberry
Bag by Mimco
Pearl stud earrings from Shopbop

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GRUB Restaurant, Singapore

13 August 2013

While I was holidaying in Singapore, I organised to meet a few friends for breakfast – bright and early on a Sunday morning!

My husband and two older boys didn’t come along, because they were checking out the Changi Museum and the Aviation Museum. YAWN. I much prefer to drink coffee with my girlfriends, and eat yummy food, thanks.

So my 4 year old and I set out for an early morning adventure.

Grub Singapore

We caught a cab to Bishan Park, at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

It was so pretty, serene, spacious and the “naturally constructed” creek was lovely.

Along both sides of the creek were long stretches of parks, grass, playgrounds, benches, trees and paths. It was 8:30am in the morning and the paths were full of runners, parents with kids on bikes, ladies pushing prams, people with dogs.

It was really nice to see people out and about enjoying the morning.

Grub Singapore

Well, right smack bang in the middle of the park, was this place!

A super-cool, little cafe called GRUB.

This is where I met my girlfriends.

I checked out the Grub website the night before and I really liked their whole idea and ethos – using responsibly sourced produce and natural ingredients, and creating an inspired menu with delicious wholesome food.

I was very keen to try out some yummy food.

Grub Singapore

But first – since it was 9am – I started with a REAL coffee.

The crema looked perfect. And it tasted exceptional!

Grub Singapore

I brought a scribble pad and some pens for my 4 year old, so he could doodle away while I enjoyed my breakfast.

He was very excited that he could read the name of the café, so he dedicated one of his drawings to his two favourite items this morning MUM and GRUB.

We shared a GRUB Breakfast Set – beef sausage, grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a salad (SGD $15).

Grub Singapore

Then my girlfriends started to order a whole lotta fancy schmancy food and I literally died from gastronomic happiness.

This is the Truffled Egg Cocotte – crispy parma ham and toasted facaccia (SGD $7)

It was amazing! Such simple flavours and cooked to perfection. It was my kinda dish. Seriously so yummy.

Grub Singapore

Beef & Guinness Pie, with mash and salad (SGD $12)

The pie looked daunting and possibly a bit heavy for so early in the morning. Maybe great for lunch?

But I’m glad I tasted it, because it was really delicious, fresh and full of flavour. The meat was succulent and soft in contrast to the flaky pastry, which nicely soaked up the Guinness flavour.

I took one bite, then another, and another, and then I wanted to tilt the plate up so I could slurp up the sauce haha.

(I noticed that on the menu, there was a nice selection of hand-crafted beers and ciders. This pie would have gone down nicely with a cold beer, but not at 10am in the morning!)

Grub Singapore

After chatting with my girlfriends, time seemed to stretch out into the late morning. We found ourselves a bit peckish again, so we ordered a few desserty dishes.

They serve ALL DAY desserts!

This is the Belgium Waffle with Hazelnut Gelato (SGD $8).

I love waffles and I’m a bit of a waffle connoisseur. This one was well made, had lovely texture and crispiness. Plus it was served hot with ice cream, can’t go wrong with that.

Grub Singapore

Churros, with dark chocolate, tangy crème anglaise (SGD $8)

These were lovely and crispy too. A nice sweet treat for the end of the morning.

Overall, the serves were generous, and the prices were very wallet-friendly. The menu was small, but hey, from what I tasted, it was really good wholesome food.

The place was family-frendly, relaxed and I really enjoyed the casual and modern atmosphere.

I would have loved to come back in the evening and enjoy their dinner menu. I guess I’ll have to do that next time I’m in Singapore!

It is definitely worth a visit.

Grub, Singapore
510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
(Bishan Park 1)

Opening times:
Tue – Fri, 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Sat, Sun and PH, 9:00am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm

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Tropical White Out

12 August 2013

Tropical White Out Outfit

This is the outfit I wore to the fashion launch the other day!

The Tropical Print Tank is by Kenzi W (a Korean brand) from YesStyle.

I admit the material is not the best quality (as it makes a bit of static and sticks to my skin a bit), the inside sewing could have been a bit neater, and the cut is a bit on the “loose and shapeless” side (so I sewed up the back to make it look more flattering on me).

BUT… the top is not see through, it LOOKS like a quality top (even though it doesn’t feel 100% luxurious), and the print is JUST DREAMY!

So I adore it, as it just looks amazing with white, grey, navy, denim blue, black and all kinds of bright colours. A very good buy!

Tropical White Out Outfit

I’m wearing my much loved Fendi white jeans, rolled up a little to show off my ankles and kick-ass shoes – Valentino inspired heels from Boohoo.

The white blazer is a last-season item from Bardot (from The Iconic ).

Yellow Marc Jacobs cross body bag from Shopbop.

**I’m also showing off my Yellow XL Buckle-Up Leather Bracelet – please consider buying one too, as $5 will be donated towards my Charity Ride!

Have a fantastic week!

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Mutant Happiness

10 August 2013

Mutant Strawberries

Check out this monster! I have never seen such a large strawberry before!

My kids were falling over themselves to snatch up the strangely-shaped fruits and to find faces in the contours.

We were placing them up between our eyes to create some very wonky noses.

We were nibbling off the sticky-out bits to create a more PERFECTLY-shaped strawberry, but instead turning them into a handful of mush.

Ah, how I love new season fruits!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

8 August 2013

Earlier this week, I woke up and said to the cold, stormy winter morning, “EAT THIS BIATCH!”

Then I wore the most un-wintery winter outfit I could put together.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

As I headed into the city, I looked *considerably* out of place on the train – filled to the brim with working commuters.

Why does everyone wear black?! Come on people, lighten up :P

Anyway, public transport was good to me…I whizzed past 16 kilometres of cars jammed on the freeway in a few minutes.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

I was excited because I was attending the Calendar Launch for the Perth Fashion Festival.

Champagne on a Tuesday morning! Rubbing shoulders, spilling coffee, eating gourmet pancakes and getting blueberry stuck in your teeth… with the top peeps of the fashion and media industry! What a WIN!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

The launch was held at the ABC TV Studios in East Perth, with the actual gathering and fashion show held inside a TV studio.

I was totally enamoured by all the specialised equipment, the dangling black lights and the technical gadgetery everywhere!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

Was I the only fashion blogger photographing the glowing pink cable bundles/boxes/thingies? POSSIBLY.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

We saw a fashion show featuring local designers, a taste of what’s to come in the full festival.

WA designers such as Empire Rose, Flannel, Morrison, Ruth Tarvydas and Zhivago will be showcasing their work during the festival, with stand-alone fashion shows by One Fell Swoop and Jaime Lee, as well as shows from hot Australian labels such as Camilla and Marc and ELLERY.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

This is Zara Bryson and I, having a SPLURGE vs STEAL moment.

Valentino Studded Pumps $1,090 vs. Ava Studded Heels $65!!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

Anyway I just want to share with you this image from the PFF campaign – Uniquely WA – which actually made me glow with pride and delight. It is such a cheeky, sexy and visually compelling photo.

The concept of mixing WA fashion with WA mining (possibly the most un-fashiony industry ever!) is clever, cheeky and I must say, very entertaining.

You see (for my international friends) – in the last 10 or so years, Western Australia has gone through an amazing mining and resources boom, boosting the Australian economy despite the worldwide Global Financial Crisis. Houses, rent, food prices have sky rocketed over the years, and according to new figures, Perth is apparently now the most expensive Australian city to live in.

Mining is such a huge part of the local economy that there’s a local joke… that what defines and distinguishes WA’s fashion is – bright yellow hi-visibility safety gear haha!

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 Calendar Launch

So I applaud the PFF team for their creativity and wicked sense of humour!

Check out the PFF Official Website for the whole fashion calendar and to buy tickets.

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One of These Things is Not Like The Other

7 August 2013

One of these things...


While on holiday.

When you’re stuck on a tour bus… which is stuck in a traffic jam…

When you gotta go. YOU GOTTA GO.

In situations like these, I thank god I have boy-children.

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My Little Chicken

6 August 2013

Do you have pet names for your kids?

Liam July 2013

For my 4 year old, I call him my Little Chicken.

And when I do, he responds with a “Bok bok!”

Haha it’s so cute.

Liam at 8 months

The name came about when he was about 8 months old. About the time when this photo was taken.

He used to sit in this funny (and brooding) kind of way.

Ok he didn’t look so much like a LIVING chicken… but more like an upright RAW chicken?! But with a big head?!

Anyway, the name stuck.

(My 10 year old and 8 would kill me if I shared their “official” pet names on my blog. So I might just have to save them for their 21st birthdays.)

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Please Help: Mixing Fashion + Cycling + Fundraising!

5 August 2013

Wanderlust + Co Bracelet

Hi everyone!

Many of you know that I’m participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this year and I’m fundraising for cancer research.

Well I’d like to introduce you all to my latest fundraising project.

One of my fashion sponsors – the lovely Jenn from Wanderlust + Co (who has supported my blog for many years now) – reached out to me about a collaboration.

For a limited time, she and her team will be donating $5 to my fundraising ride for every Yellow XL Buckle-Up Leather Bracelet sold.

Wanderlust + Co Bracelet

We decided on this yellow bracelet because it’s a gorgeous piece of arm candy! It’s bold and bright, it’s good-looking, polished, one of their shop’s best sellers, and it’s a little bit different.

Plus it is symbolically yellow – the colour of cancer awareness and cancer research fundraising.

(It’s also the winning colour for cycling, thanks to the Tour De France, and it’s also the colour of my bike haha!)

So it perfectly mixes all my loves – fashion, fitness, fundraising and raising cancer awareness.

Wanderlust + Co Bracelet

It’s a really a lovely bracelet for the new season – and it’s especially easy to wear with current trends like monochrome, boyfriend jeans, bold prints, florals.

It is made from genuine calf leather and gold plated screw studs, and it is priced at USD$35.

Here’s the link again – Yellow XL Buckle-Up Leather Bracelet

Please check it out! If it’s not for you then maybe consider buying it as a gift to a friend, girlfriend or wife?

This collaboration only runs for 4 weeks til the end of August.

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Universal Studios Singapore – Best. Day. Ever.

2 August 2013

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

During my family trip to Singapore, we went to visit Universal Studios at Sentosa.

The Singapore Tourism Board kindly gave me and my 3 children entry tickets into Universal Studios. We purchased my husband’s ticket and our express tickets upgrade ourselves. More on the express upgrade later.

It was absolutely fantastic. My kids voted it to be the best experience ever! It is definitely a MUST-VISIT attraction if you are travelling to Singapore with children.

First up, let me lay it straight: it is not cheap. You kinda have to think of the whole thing as a “once in a lifetime” experience and something worth saving up for.

We spent the whole day there. We arrived at 9:45am (doors open at 10am) and we left at 6pm, because we were all too tired to go on.

It was an epic day :)

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

The Rides

My kids, aged 10, 8, and 4 enjoyed the rides the most. There were also shops, street theater and movies/shows…but my boys (and my husband) were totally focused on thrill seeking.

The whole park was divided into themes – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. And in each theme there were 3-4 rides and attractions.

We arrived early and did the big Sci-Fi rides first. This was a good move for us, because later in the day the queues for the rides became really long. Plus my bigger kids were instantly happy because we got the glamorous and famous rides out of the way.

My favourite ride (and my 8 year old’s) was The Transformer Ride. It had 3D screens, a clever storyline, it was jaw-dropping, brilliant and so much fun!

I also really liked the Jurassic Park Rapids Ride too.

Pictured above is the Battlestar Galactica Ride. I looked up at it, saw the tangle of metal tracks and nearly fainted! Unfortunately the ride was closed that day, due to technical difficulties. The boys were sooooooooooooooooooo disappointed. And I was soooooo relieved that I didn’t have to join them!

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

This was outside The Revenge of the Mummy Ride.

My 10 year old liked this one best, because there were lots of steep falls and parts of it was in complete darkness!

The visual design of everything was so well done and impressive. Nothing looked shoddy or old. It was all so clean and well looked after. Even the toilets were soooo clean.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

My 4 year old couldn’t go on any big rides, because he was too short. You have to be taller than 102cm or 125cm to go on most rides. But even IF he was tall enough, I wouldn’t let him go on the bigger rides, because I knew he would be too scared of the themes and the rollercoaster swerves.

But… there were LOTS of rides suitable for younger kids, like the Sesame Street Space Chase (pictured above) which was just a cute ride with lots of Sesame Street scenes.

And he also went on the Mummy Returns Treasure Hunter ride, a Jurassic Park flyer ride (this was quite high and he loved it!), a flying dinosaur ride, a Madagascar ride, a Madagascar ferris wheel and a Shrek themed mini-rollercoaster. He enjoyed everything and he didn’t feel left out at all. Even my bigger kids enjoyed those rides.

There were also lots of “family” experiences that he could go on too – the fake Hollywood set (the fake fire and hurricane made him cry though) and a Shrek 4D Adventure Movie.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

And this was the Waterworld Show… a live action-packed show with stunts, explosions, boats, jet-skis, fake gunshots, flare guns and lots of splashing water. It was funny AND exciting.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

The Queues

I have to be honest and say the queues were really, reeeeallly long… even though we specially scheduled our trip to Singapore to AVOID school holidays and weekends.

Some of the waiting times (there were digital clocks to warn people of the long wait) were 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 50 minutes, and one was even 70 minutes!!

BUT. Each ride and attraction had TWO queues – one for regular ticket holders and one for express ticket holders. See the photo above! Do you notice the EMPTY Express Lane?! And the people who appear to be camping semi-permanently in the regular lane?

We purchased 5 x Universal Express Tickets at $40 each. This is in addition to the basic ticket price. This allowed us a once off express pass to EACH of the rides.

We would arrive at a ride, show our Express Ticket, and then walk up the express lane past *literally* HUNDREDS of people who were waiting (and had been waiting for 30 minutes!), and were immediately allowed to get onto the ride after a 1 minute wait!

I felt a bit bad for them.

But it was SO WORTH IT. My justification for this extra $200 cost was that…it was a small extra price compared to the whole cost of going to Singapore, and it meant that we maximized our fun time.

As I said, we arrived at 10am, ate lunch, we did ALL the rides and attractions in the park, had time for dinner, and finished at 6pm. And this was with a 2 – 5 minute wait for all rides. I would think that if we had long waits, we would have had to miss out on a lot of the rides.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

This was us in the Far, Far Away Land, where everything was Shrek themed. It was 4pm and my kids were getting a bit tired. Not meeee!

Some tips on how to have a great day:

1) Bring sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

2) Wear good walking shoes.

3) Bring your own water bottles. There are water fountains everywhere and you can refill your bottles very easily.

4) Bring some snacks. There are lots of places to buy food, but it was just handy to have a few muesli bars to munch on for extra fuel.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

You know, as a parent, I strive to give my children as many different experiences as I can… particularly focusing on how to appreciate the fine, simple and delicate pleasures of life – like building sandcastles, collecting autumn leaves, finding driftwood on the riverbank.

But spending all day in this highly contrived and artificial environment… and seeing my kids EXPLODE with sheer happiness, exhilaration, excitement and utter glee after stepping off a roller-coaster ride – oh man, I felt that I’d gone to the other extreme of super parenting and YUP I FELT LIKE A GOOD PARENT TODAY HAHA!

Overall, yes, it was a fantastic day!

We had been talking about this family trip and planning a visit to Universal Studios for many months… and it was just wonderful for us and the kids to enjoy it SO SO MUCH!!

The Singapore Tourism Board kindly gave me and my 3 children entry tickets into Universal Studios. We purchased my husband’s ticket and our express tickets ourselves.

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool

1 August 2013

Valentino Inspired Heels

Inspired by Valentino, these shoes are crazy and glam enough to make me weep.

The studs look like teeth. Or shiny rocks… just kind of stuck on your feet.

They’re a bit tribal. A bit fierce. A bit lady-like.

They’re such a great, playful combination.

Um. They stand out a bit. They don’t seem to “match” any outfits in my wardrobe, but I think that’s the fun of it.

Just wear them with skinny jeans. Or black pants. Or with any dress and enjoy the statement-ness of it.

Valentino Inspired Heels

I wore them out to a fashion show the other night. They were comfortable too.

I just love it when people swoon over my shoes and then I get to tell them I only bought them for $65. It’s like I’m sharing precious girl secrets.

They are called  Ava Studded Heels from Boohoo. Also available in black, beige and pink.

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