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Getting My Bear On

30 July 2013

After returning from my tropical holiday, I’ve been in denial about the cold weather in Australia. A light cardigan should be fine for winter! Surely I can wear my open-toe shoes in the rain!

So I’m already gearing up for some kick-ass trans-seasonal dressing.

Knit and Fur

Light knits are my go-to answer for the “in-between seasons”. Comfortable and versatile, you really can’t go wrong.

But can you believe that I don’t own a plain, black knit jumper?!

So I had a peek at Next Direct.

It was the first time I’ve bought from them. They are based in the UK, they have been around for ages… and they have a HUGE selection of styles. It was an excellent shopping experience.

I picked out this 3/4 sleeve, black v-neck knit with flecks of metallic thread. It’s really nice, sits well, comfortable and casual. It was a good buy. Unfortunately it has since sold out.

My impression of Next Direct… are that their styles are more tailored, smart, and they have lots of modern “city looks” and “classic wear”. They are on-trend, but I believe they target women over 21.

Meaning – You won’t find any neon t-shirts with crystal lettering, mid-riffs and slashed backs here ha :)

They also offer free international shipping, with no minimum spend and easy returns, which is awesome.

Knit and Fur

My furry vest is so big and fluffy, that I can’t help but give it a cuddle every time I take it off. Vest is from Korea (YesStyle), or you can get one similar here from ASOS.

My jeans are J Brand from The Iconic

Open toe heels are from ASOS

Alldressedup Bag is from ShopTheMag

Sunglasses by Prada (Sunglasses Shop)

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