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Four Bags of Spew

25 July 2013

Last week I went to Singapore for a family trip.

It was the first time my 2 boys (aged 10 and 8) had EVER been on a plane.

I thought they would love it.

I mean, they get to have their very own TV screen, they can play computer games, watch tv shows and movies and eat snacks for 5 hours!

But what did they do instead?


They filled up 2 AIR SICK BAGS EACH!

I sat between them. Two spewing kids either side of me.

They were bent over, clutching their paper bags, making horrible vomiting noises, and filling the entire plane with such a ghastly smell… Oh, my poor boys.

One thing I must say, I am genuinely very impressed by the technological advances of air sick bags. Those flimsy paper bags? They don’t leak! They don’t lose their shape! They can hold up to 2 cups of watery stuff without losing their structural integrity! Hasn’t modern day travel come a long way.

There was not a drop of spew on their t-shirts, the airplane blankets, the seats. And most importantly… there was no spew on me.

When they were done, the plane had landed.

Hello Singapore! We brought gifts!

I was holding FOUR FRICKING BAGS OF PUKE and calling out to the air stewards – “UMM, EXCUES ME! I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” The bags sloshed around dangerously as I tried to press the HELP button with my elbow.

By now the other passengers were starting to stand and open the overhead compartments. People were flowing out of their seats into the aisles! Oh no what was I going to do? I was trapped with my bags of vomit!

Thankfully, I found a plastic bag (that held a plane blanket) and carefully placed all the paper bags into the plastic bag, knotted up the top and left it on the seat.

It was our gift to air travel :P

Bags of Spew