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Napoleon Sale at Adore

7 July 2013

Adore Napoleon Sale

Adore Beauty is having a 15-22% off sale of Napoleon products… makeup, skin care, brushes!

So I decided to stock up on a few of my favourite items… plus try a few new products.

I’ve been trying out the Pro Palette Concealer for a few weeks and it is now in my TOP 10 MUST HAVE beauty items. Every time I use it, it makes me want to cry because I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a concealer that works for me, matches my colour, and is affordable.

The dark brown in the palette (at the front) is slightly darker than my Asian skin colour, but mixed with a dab of the lighter brown, it’s perfect. I don’t use a brush and mix it on the back of my hand like the professionals do (who’s got time for that?)… I just blend it straight onto my face with clean fingers.

My biggest problem areas are a few acne scars next to my nose, which are pretty dark spots… and like I said, this concealer has been great for covering them up. It’s like using a magic airbrush tool over my face – yay!

I’m also loving the Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser.

I’ve been looking for a simple, affordable, but good quality, tinted moisturiser, because my face has been sooooo dry this winter that I *neeeed* more moisture under my foundation.

This one has been lovely to use as a makeup base and it gives my face a nice soft and hydrated feel. The coverage is sheer and light. I like it a lot.

Enjoy the sale!

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