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Yes it’s my birthday today…

4 July 2013

And look what my boys made for me…

My Birthday 2013

My 10 year old baked two chocolate fudge cakes, (almost) all on his own!

My 8 year old looked through 3 cake decorating books, then he chose and art directed the whole cake decoration process – putting a photo of me in the middle of the cake, surrounded by jelly lollies. My mum says I am two years old in the picture.

My husband iced the cake with chocolate frosting. (I was amazed he achieved this all by himself).

Then my 4 year old decorated it with lollies – all by himself! However we suspect he had LICKED THE BACK OF ALL OF THE LOLLIES to “help make them stick on the cake better!”

Ahh… a cake only a mother could love :P

And look at this! My 4 year old also made me a card…

My Birthday 2013

He even hid it under my pillow. It says: “L (for Liam) HEART M (for Mum). Mum I really love you!”… awww look at all those ticks.

I’ve been showered with so much love this week, presents, cards, messages! *Sniff* I’m so thankful for my many wonderful family and friends and blog readers… and I am so so so happy that I could burst!!

Much love to you all! xxx