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27 June 2013

Liam Making Masks

Meet Bluey and Brownie.

These two clowns are my 4 year old’s favourite toys. He plays with them everyday… and brings a lot of life and character to them. Possibly too much.

There is not a day goes by that I have to endure their annoying peculiarities and demands.

Yes these silly stuffed toys tell me (interpreted by Liam) that they don’t feel like eating yoghurt and pear today. They want to eat marshmallows dipped in chocolate. With skewer sticks. And on the ends of the skewer sticks, there has to be a flag, with red and yellow stripes. Actually Bluey wants purple and pink stripes on his flag thanks. And if I could cut the corners off the flag to make it more like a triangular flag, that would make Bluey really happy.

I often imagine that when the kids go to sleep at night, Bluey and Brownie are a pair of grumpy old men, who once were part of a one-hit-wonder, teenage boy band. Immature, dickhead divas, who complain a lot.

Most times, I just want to unceremoniously tie them up in a plastic bag and toss them into the bin.

Liam Making Masks

But alas, Liam absolutely adores them and spends a lot of his play time with them.

He takes them on adventures and pretend outings. He makes things for them. He even takes the time to introduce new toys to them slowly and carefully, as to not upset them.

Liam Making Masks

Part of me can’t help but think of the animated movie, Toy Story… and the whole idea of growing up, and how you regard the things of your past as you move on.

For me, I love these silly photos and am already smiling with sweet nostalgia.