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The Three Idiots and a Very Bad BUM

20 June 2013

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my 8yo was having some confidence issues with his school work… and how I have been working hard to help boost his confidence, work his strengths, find a niche, and create self-esteem from within.

Sounds a bit mind-boggling, but really, kids just need a whole lot of love… and for their parents to spend lots of quality time with them :)

Anyway, my son has shown some interest and talent in creating stories… so I bought him a book by popular Australian author, Andy Griffiths Once Upon a Slime (a book full of fun ideas and activities for aspiring writers).

My son was soooooo inspired by the book, that he created this:

The Three Little Idiots and a Very Bad Bum

(click to see the larger version)

Sean's Comic June 2013 (Small)

Holy crap, it is so freaking funny. And weird.

Of course, he based it on the classic story of the Three Little Pigs, which makes his story very easy to follow.

And how he managed to incorporate so many fine aspects of visual storytelling is quite amazing – visual repetition, consistency, surprise, cheekiness. Even his font, typographical consistency and storyboard layout is excellent!!

So while I was a little aghast by the grossness of his cartoon… I’m so proud of him!