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Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser

18 June 2013

Hey! I’m excited to announce my latest charity and fashion project!

Rockingham Shopping Centre Charity Styling

To celebrate the brand new fashion season, 7 West Australian celebrities were invited to put together a winter outfit for Rockingham Shopping Centre … to raise money for 7 different charities.

And I have been chosen to be one of those “celebrities”. Haha! I’ve never actually been called a “celebrity” before!

Also participating, are 3 Australian Football League players, a radio DJ, a local Mayor, and another fashion blogger. Each celebrity nominates their favorite charity… and my chosen charity is The Ride To Conquer Cancer, with funds going directly to the internationally recognised cancer research at the WA Institute of Medical Research.

We each were given some time to”go shopping”. The guys (apparently) went into 2 stores and grabbed their outfits in 15 minutes flat.

Me? I took nearly 1.5 hours… I went into something like 20 shops and I grabbed soooo much stuff. I picked out 3 or 4 possible outfits and I couldn’t really decide which to go with. The poor marketing coordinator was following me around with a rack on wheels, full of my chosen clothes. I felt so embarrassed for my indecisiveness and I was so grateful to her!

Later on I bumped into Will Schofield of the West Coast Eagles – and in case you don’t know, AFL players are all massive, tall, young, hot, super athletes with the bodies of gods… and most of them seem to have too much facial hair ;)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to get his autograph – which would have been very cool for my sons, who regard him to be a REAL celebrity.


This is me wearing my styled outfit. When I picked out the items I was a bit nervous that the bits and pieces might not work together… but when I eventually wore the outfit, I just adored it! It’s very me and very much in my style – modern classic, feminine, and polished.

Rockingham Shopping Centre Charity Styling

For the actual styling challenge, I was asked to choose one “expensive item” and then try to keep the cost of the rest of the outfit around $150. That’s why I took so long to shop around!

My most expensive item was the Portmans White Blazer ($99.95) and the rest of my outfit was $166.75, which is excellent value for one whole outfit.

Navy tank from Temp ($6.95), lace skirt from Dotti ($9.95), monochrome metallic clutch from Valley girl ($16.95), t-bar studded shoes from Novo ($79.95) and silver necklace from Valley Girl ($12.95).

Rockingham Shopping Centre Charity Styling

This is my final outfit on a model… check it out here!

If you vote for a celebrity’s outfit, Rockingham Shopping Centre will donate $1 to their chosen charity and YOU go into a draw to win $150.

And even better, if your celeb’s outfit receives the most number of votes, you go into the draw to win $1,000!

Voting starts NOW and ends 5pm Thursday 27 June 2013.

Please vote for me!

All you have to do is leave your name, email, suburb and postcode. It takes less than a minute!

You can vote as many times as you want but are limited to once per day, per celebrity.

According to the terms and conditions, anyone (from anywhere in the world) can vote, but if you win the $1000 (or $150) gift card, it is only for spending at Rockingham Shopping Centre. So I guess you have to be a resident of Western Australian. Or at least, have a friend who lives here :)

Thanks for your support!


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