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Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

12 June 2013

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

While we were in Dunsborough, some friends took me to Samudra Cafe for breakfast.

I’ve heard of it before, as it seems that *everyone* who comes to visit Dunsborough, manages to pop in for a coffee and look around.

It’s a very pretty place. The interior, furniture, decor, outdoor setting, garden and vegetable garden had been designed beautifully and in-keeping with the whole cool, organic, hippy vibe :)

The whole Samudra centre is actually a yoga school, wellness centre, retreat, clothing store and they hold little community events for like-minded people. They have a fancy vegetarian and raw food menu, boasting produce from organic, biodynamic and fair trade sources. I must admit, I was really excited to try it out.

There was a large group of us and we had just come from an early morning run by the beach. We were a bit sweaty… and unfortunately we had to sit outside in the cold. The waitress was kind enough to bring us a wooly blanket to keep us warm.

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

My friends ordered some Banana Pancakes (Activated buckwheat pancakes with fruit compote, coconut cream and hazelnut chocolate syrup). They were amazing and tasted very different to any pancake and topping I’ve ever had!

The others ordered Green Smoothies (pear, apple, lemon, banana, kale).

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

I ordered an Organic Coffee with Organic S0y Milk – and it was divine. It was a really well made coffee, I was impressed.

A little later I got a bit hungry, so I ordered the Yallingup Fruit Toast (Organic sourdoaugh fruit toast with house jam and cashew butter) while my friend ordered the Tofu Scramble Wrap (Tofu and butternut scramble, with mushrooms and avocado, mountain corn bread, side salad with a camu-camu and passionfruit dressing). It all sounded delicious!

Unfortunately, the 2 food orders took  over 45 minutes to arrive and we were getting sooo cold sitting outside, so we had to cancel our order and leave. It was a long weekend, and it felt like the whole city of Perth was down in Dunsborough for the weekend… the cafe was crazily busy. I was pretty disappointed and hungry.

Nonetheless, the coffee was awesome, so I do plan to come back for lunch the next time I’m down here!

Samudra Kombi Cafe
226 Naturaliste Terrace
Dunsborough, WA

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