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A Mermaid Moment

9 June 2013

Here’s another snap shot from my holiday trip last week – we were doing a bit of rock climbing off Castle Rock at Dunsborough.

Dunsborough Rocks

The adults and older kids organised a bit of “proper” rock climbing and abseiling. While the little kids played on the beach and did a bit of scrambling over the rocky landscape.

My 4 year old and I tiptoed over these rocks (in the photo above) and climbed up the rock face (in the background of this photo) which doesn’t actually look as scary and steep in real life!

Castle Rock, Dunsborough

During afternoon snacks of apples, bananas and cheese biscuits… I wandered down to the edge of the water for 15 minutes of quiet time.

I sat on a rock and enjoyed watching the slow, wave movement of the calm ocean, rising up and down the rocks. The crystal clear water looked like a mesmerising looking-glass into another realtity, rising and falling like a breathing creature.

It was a magical and so peaceful.