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Omg, Just Look Away

29 June 2013

Three Boys on the Jetty

I found this photo of my boys – taken 2 years ago, while we were enjoying an afternoon at the Perth Cultural Centre.

Yep, there on the small boardwalk, all my boys decide to take a closer look at the water.

Yes yes, it’s cute and all. Boys being adventurous and curious and magical.

But hello! I’m their mother and I am constantly filled with love and irritation.

This is what I have to live with everyday!

The funniest thing about this photo… is that they are still exactly the same, 2 years on. Still up to silly things and freaking out their poor old mum.

Do they ever grow out of it?!

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Habbot Shoes: 50% Off Shoe Sale

28 June 2013

habbot AW13 Sale

I’ve been seriously lusting after a couple of shoes from Habbot.

Silver leather! Oxblood leather! Moss green and polka dots! Eeeee so pretty!

Made in Italy, French in style, designed in Australia… starting from $90. This is good stuff, people.

Check it out here – 50% off shoe sale at Habbot.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Women’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide.

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If only I can pay them to babysit

27 June 2013

Liam Making Masks

Meet Bluey and Brownie.

These two clowns are my 4 year old’s favourite toys. He plays with them everyday… and brings a lot of life and character to them. Possibly too much.

There is not a day goes by that I have to endure their annoying peculiarities and demands.

Yes these silly stuffed toys tell me (interpreted by Liam) that they don’t feel like eating yoghurt and pear today. They want to eat marshmallows dipped in chocolate. With skewer sticks. And on the ends of the skewer sticks, there has to be a flag, with red and yellow stripes. Actually Bluey wants purple and pink stripes on his flag thanks. And if I could cut the corners off the flag to make it more like a triangular flag, that would make Bluey really happy.

I often imagine that when the kids go to sleep at night, Bluey and Brownie are a pair of grumpy old men, who once were part of a one-hit-wonder, teenage boy band. Immature, dickhead divas, who complain a lot.

Most times, I just want to unceremoniously tie them up in a plastic bag and toss them into the bin.

Liam Making Masks

But alas, Liam absolutely adores them and spends a lot of his play time with them.

He takes them on adventures and pretend outings. He makes things for them. He even takes the time to introduce new toys to them slowly and carefully, as to not upset them.

Liam Making Masks

Part of me can’t help but think of the animated movie, Toy Story… and the whole idea of growing up, and how you regard the things of your past as you move on.

For me, I love these silly photos and am already smiling with sweet nostalgia.

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1 Vote = $1 Donated to Cancer Research

26 June 2013

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity FundraiserHi everyone! Just a reminder for you to vote for me!

Voting ends this Thursday.

Last week I wrote about my new Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser Project that I’ve been involved in.

I’ve been chosen to be 1 of 7 West Australian celebrities to put together a winter outfit to raise money for 7 different charities.

If you vote for a celebrity’s outfit, Rockingham Shopping Centre will donate $1 to the celeb’s chosen charity and YOU go into a draw to win $150.

And even better, if your celeb’s outfit receives the most number of votes, you go into the draw to win $1,000!

Voting ends 5pm THIS Thursday 27 June 2013.

Please vote for me here!

All you have to do is leave your name, email, suburb and postcode. It takes less than a minute!

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser
Some details of my chosen outfit.

Lace skirt from Dotti ($9.95), monochrome metallic clutch from Valley girl ($16.95).

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser

I love these T-bar studded shoes from Novo ($79.95)

By the way, you can vote as many times as you want but are limited to once per day, per celebrity.

According to the terms and conditions, anyone (from anywhere in the world) can vote, but if you win the $1000 (or $150) gift card, it is only for spending at Rockingham Shopping Centre. So I guess you have to be a resident of Western Australian. Or at least, have a friend who lives here :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!


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Out To the Movies With My Goat

25 June 2013

I went out on a date night to the movies with my husband. No he wasn’t the goat.

What I wore to The Great Gatsby Screening

We went to see a special screening of The Great Gastby… and I took the opportunity to embrace the whole “Roaring 1920s” fashion.

I wore my hair slicked back, wore big jewelled earrings, a sequin dress and a white faux far coat.

When my 4 year old son saw me, he laughed out loud and asked me WHY ARE YOU WEARING A GOAT TO THE MOVIES?!?

I enjoyed Baz’s fairytale interpretation of the story and I really enjoyed it as a magnificent, mesmerising and visual spectacle.

Sequin dress by Beauties Closet
Faux fur coat by GUSET (from YesStyle)
Snakeskin clutch by Michael Kors
Nude heels from ASOS

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Bib and Tucker Restuarant Review, Part 1 : My internal conflict. And I’m not talking about indigestion!

24 June 2013

I recently caught up with a few girl friends for dinner at a new restaurant by the beach, Bib and Tucker.

There’s been a lot of hype and fanfare surrounding the opening of this establishment, with the owners being Australian Olympic sports stars – Eamon Sullivan (swimmer), Steve Hooker (pole vaulter) and Jamie Dwyer (hockey player).

Perched on the sand dunes and overlooking Leighton Beach, Bib and Tucker (named after two West Australian bushrangers – outlaw bandits who became folk heros in the 1800s) was said to have a relaxed and beachy atmosphere, offering a modern take on traditional Australian fare. Since its opening, I have been very keen to try out their breakfast or lunch menu, and enjoy a coffee in the winter sun.

But my girlfriends had booked for dinner at 7:30pm on a Friday night… so when I arrived, it was pitch black, it was howling with wind and rain, and it was so cold! I raced out of my car and into the restaurant as quickly as possible and the whole “beachside feel” was totally lost on me. I promised myself I would come back another day for lunch!

Bib and Tucker offer a set menu for 10 people, at $70 per head. I really liked the idea of a set menu that everyone shared. It meant that we all got to try a lot of different dishes, instead of just two dishes (entrée and main course). But $70 per head (not including drinks) seemed a bit expensive to me… or ahem, am I just cheap?

Anyway, when I sat down and saw the menu…wayhey there were so many dishes that I felt that maybe it justified the price just for variety alone!

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

For starters, we had house marinated olives (not pictured) and wood fired flat bread with house made dips.

The bread was fresh, lovely and hot, with a perfect balance of soft bits and crispy bits. Eaten with the beetroot and feta dip, it was a yummy start.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Charred squid with fennel, almonds and chorizo.

This was a fantastic entree. It totally appealed to my healthy side and it felt like good “clean eating” food.

My girlfriends and I have been having big fancy dinners about once a month… and I don’t usually take photos of the food. But this time I wanted take some snaps for my blog, so as each dish arrived, I whipped out my big Nikon DSLR and went all paparazzi on them. My girlfriends thought it was hilarious :P

They even helped me style the food and find the best looking piece of grilled squid to plonk on top. Gotta love your girlfriends!

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Quinoa, corn, pomegranate and mint salad.

This was a delicate and light salad. Although it didn’t look very pretty, the fresh mint flavour complimented the sweetness from the corn and the pomegranate really well.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Rotisserie pork belly, fennel and apple puree.

The pork was soft and juicy, however the flavours were perhaps too subtle – I felt it lacked a WOW factor.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Iceberg lettuce, pickled cucumber, seeds and sheep’s milk salad.

Ok this is where it got weird for me.

I understand the concept of reinventing “old fashioned” Australian dishes with a modern twist, but this dish really gave me… an internal conflict. And I’m not talking about indigestion. I’m talking mental confusion.

On one hand, if they just presented a boring side salad, with chopped lettuce and a bit of shaved cheese, everyone would have thought “HOW BORING!”. And I wouldn’t even be photographing and talking about the dish.

So yes, this dish got my attention. The concept and presentation was certainly unique, strange and interesting. It made patrons (like me!) stop and think about the combinations of food, the origins (I assume the “sheep’s milk” referred to the cheese), and why it was assembled that way etc.

But I think it was the fact that this dish was featuring something so simple as iceberg lettuce… it made me a bit annoyed because I was so distracted by the concept. My brain was churning away with conceptual considerations, like it was a controversial modern artwork… but it was just a side salad of mostly iceberg lettuce!! I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not! And even as I type this blog post, I still can’t.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Crispy skin fish, with romesco and char grilled squid.

Ah this was much nicer! The fish was soft, succulent and tender… and the romesco sauce gave it a great lift.

The presentation made me imagine that I was in the outback and a weathered, master fisherman was cooking good, old fashion “bush tucker” for me… and this is how it would look, fish and squid all cooked up, thrown together in this fresh, natural, unpretentious platter.

It tasted good, but I didn’t think it was OMG YUM.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Leighton Mess – Meringue, lemon curd, yoghurt sorbet and textures of strawberry.

OK THIS DISH was the MIND BLOWER for me. It was fricking aaaawesome!!

I didn’t look at the menu before it arrived, so didn’t know what it was. It looked like a smashed up messy dessert. And when I tasted it, I gasped with surprise and enjoyment and I knew it was a modern take on the classic Australian pavlova… and it was sooooo goooood!

The meringue was an amazing mix of crunchy, soft and gooey. The yoghurt sorbet was cold and mild with a lovely milky taste. The lemon curd gave a contrasting blast of tang and creaminess. And the strawberries wrapped it all up with berry-depth and sweetness.

It was such a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed the concept this time.

Bib and Tucker - June 2013

Last was the White chocolate and raspberry ice cream sandwich.

I got the old-fashion napoleon ice cream reference. I got the ice cream sandwich reference. It was like a reference to 1970/80 Aussie kids treats.

But I was so blown away by the previous crunchy-soft-gooey meringue, that I didn’t spend much time thinking about this dessert. I gobbled down my slice, and then went back to have seconds of the meringue. Oops.

It was a Friday night, the place was packed and noisy… but I still managed to have several in-depth conversations across the table. The service seemed fine, which contradicted several reviews I read. The waiter-dude serving my side of the table was very friendly and attentive. He was also very warm and pleasant when I asked permission to take photos.

Overall: I’m conflicted. I can’t decide whether the whole modern menu concept was pretentious or brilliant. Was this kind of dining… clever and unique, or just overpriced and trying-too-hard?

I thought the food was just good, not amazing. But maybe, not on a busy Friday night while trying to talk to my girlfriends about babies and boyfriends, I would have appreciated it better?

I would love to come back during the day to try out the lunch or dinner menu, on a week day/night. I’d definitely take up the opportunity to try this again, just me and a foodie friend. Hence I’ve called this post Part 1.

Bib and Tucker
18 Leighton Beach Bvd
North Fremantle, WA

Bib & Tucker on Urbanspoon

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Glassons – Orange and Mono

21 June 2013

Glassons - Orange and Mono

The other day, I was browsing through various online shopping sites… and these immediately caught my eye.

The new arrivals from Glassons made me perk up and applaud the look of their current collection. Clean and crisp, black and white, a touch of orange, casual and effortless… and very affordable.

I’d be happy to have all 6 of these pieces in my wardrobe, like yesterday!

They only ship to Australia at the moment… but they offer FREE shipping on all orders and full refunds if you’re not happy with the purchase.

Have you shopped at Glassons before?

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The Three Idiots and a Very Bad BUM

20 June 2013

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my 8yo was having some confidence issues with his school work… and how I have been working hard to help boost his confidence, work his strengths, find a niche, and create self-esteem from within.

Sounds a bit mind-boggling, but really, kids just need a whole lot of love… and for their parents to spend lots of quality time with them :)

Anyway, my son has shown some interest and talent in creating stories… so I bought him a book by popular Australian author, Andy Griffiths Once Upon a Slime (a book full of fun ideas and activities for aspiring writers).

My son was soooooo inspired by the book, that he created this:

The Three Little Idiots and a Very Bad Bum

(click to see the larger version)

Sean's Comic June 2013 (Small)

Holy crap, it is so freaking funny. And weird.

Of course, he based it on the classic story of the Three Little Pigs, which makes his story very easy to follow.

And how he managed to incorporate so many fine aspects of visual storytelling is quite amazing – visual repetition, consistency, surprise, cheekiness. Even his font, typographical consistency and storyboard layout is excellent!!

So while I was a little aghast by the grossness of his cartoon… I’m so proud of him!

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A Million Golden Reminders

16 June 2013

Winter Leaves

Looking up at the trees this morning, I was struck by the thousands of leaves waiting to fall to the ground… with each leaf being the brightest and happiest yellow I’ve ever seen.

New beginnings. Fresh start. Anticipating the new. I’m not exactly sure what kind of symbolism inspired me.

But I was filled with the warmest sense of happiness and contentment… about life, about my loving husband, children, parents and friends.

And I was once again humbled by how blessed I am.

So here’s me wishing all my readers a wonderful start to the week!

Love and sunshine to you all xxx

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Blue Tweed

15 June 2013

Blue Tweed and Leather

Meet my new favourite jacket! It’s a light weight, classic tweed jacket with a speckled blue and metallic colour.

While my overall dress style is not so “ladylike”… I like that it gives a big nod to Chanel’s iconic tweed jacket and I like that I can wear it with boyfriend jeans, for a bit of modern contrast.

I popped it over my black and white outfit, to amp up the style and also to soften the leather pants.

I’m already looking forward for the weather to warm up so I can wear it with summer shorts and mini skirts.

Outfit Details:
Blue Tweed Jacket by Shinn from YesStyle
White top by In Good Company
Leather pants from Topshop
Black wedges by NineWest from The Iconic
Handbag by Rebecca Minkoff from Shopbop

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Seriously Blogged Up

14 June 2013

My 4 year old and I went for a long cycle the other day.

We rode through parks and playgrounds, and eventually we stopped at the top of a little hill, looking down into a small pond. Our eyes widened.

We know this pond quite well. The edge is usually full of green water reeds, and it is teaming with ducks, water birds and insects.

Today however, the pond looked as if there was some major construction or dredging going on. The water was gross, brown and septic looking. It was dirty, muddy and messy.

“Whoa! What’s going on??” The both of us exclaimed.

Pond Blogged

Upon careful observation, it looked like the local gardeners had dug up a whole lot of dying water reeds and made piles of the rotten debris. It was not a pretty sight. Or smell.

I was going to turn around and explain my observations to my 4 year old, when he asked,

“Mum what happened to the pond? Why is it all blogged up like that? It looks seriously blogged. Yuck I hate all this blogging stuff. Hang on. Don’t you have a blog? Is this what you do?”

I stood there looking at the pond. At that exact scene in the photo above.

And number of thoughts ran through my head.

Yes. The word “BLOG” is not a very pretty word.

Yes. If you join the words “Blocked” and “Bog” you do get the word “Blogged”.

After 13 years of running my blog, I think my 4yo had possibly pinpointed the most natural-sounding meaning for the word.

I wanted to laugh and cry.

And I just said, “Yep, it looks seriously blogged.”

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Silver Shoes and Pink Lips

13 June 2013

Outfit June 2013

So I’m currently lusting after some silver heels!

Metallics are set to be my new neutrals.


Zoe Karssen sweater from Shopbop
Veda leather skirt from The Outnet
Michael Kors watch from Amazon Fashion
Silver heels from ASOS
Dannijo earrings from Shopbop
Pink Lips clutch from LuisaViaRoma

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Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

12 June 2013

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

While we were in Dunsborough, some friends took me to Samudra Cafe for breakfast.

I’ve heard of it before, as it seems that *everyone* who comes to visit Dunsborough, manages to pop in for a coffee and look around.

It’s a very pretty place. The interior, furniture, decor, outdoor setting, garden and vegetable garden had been designed beautifully and in-keeping with the whole cool, organic, hippy vibe :)

The whole Samudra centre is actually a yoga school, wellness centre, retreat, clothing store and they hold little community events for like-minded people. They have a fancy vegetarian and raw food menu, boasting produce from organic, biodynamic and fair trade sources. I must admit, I was really excited to try it out.

There was a large group of us and we had just come from an early morning run by the beach. We were a bit sweaty… and unfortunately we had to sit outside in the cold. The waitress was kind enough to bring us a wooly blanket to keep us warm.

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

My friends ordered some Banana Pancakes (Activated buckwheat pancakes with fruit compote, coconut cream and hazelnut chocolate syrup). They were amazing and tasted very different to any pancake and topping I’ve ever had!

The others ordered Green Smoothies (pear, apple, lemon, banana, kale).

Samudra Cafe, Dunsborough

I ordered an Organic Coffee with Organic S0y Milk – and it was divine. It was a really well made coffee, I was impressed.

A little later I got a bit hungry, so I ordered the Yallingup Fruit Toast (Organic sourdoaugh fruit toast with house jam and cashew butter) while my friend ordered the Tofu Scramble Wrap (Tofu and butternut scramble, with mushrooms and avocado, mountain corn bread, side salad with a camu-camu and passionfruit dressing). It all sounded delicious!

Unfortunately, the 2 food orders took  over 45 minutes to arrive and we were getting sooo cold sitting outside, so we had to cancel our order and leave. It was a long weekend, and it felt like the whole city of Perth was down in Dunsborough for the weekend… the cafe was crazily busy. I was pretty disappointed and hungry.

Nonetheless, the coffee was awesome, so I do plan to come back for lunch the next time I’m down here!

Samudra Kombi Cafe
226 Naturaliste Terrace
Dunsborough, WA

Samudra on Urbanspoon

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My First Makeup Lesson!

10 June 2013


Last week, I attended an 1 hour, private Makeup Lesson run by Napoleon Perdis, courtesy of Red Balloon.

What I liked most about the lesson was that it was like a personal trainer showing you makeup techniques on your own face.

Sure you might watch lots of online tutorials, but there’s nothing like being able to talk and interact with the person applying the makeup to YOUR face, specially customised to your skin colour and complexion. Plus you get to decide what you want to learn.

You can ask to learn the complete basics for putting on a “going out, night time look”.

Or if you don’t go out that much, you can ask to learn a more stylish “everyday natural look”.

For me, I already have a basic “everyday natural look”. But I only use two “going out looks” – 1) The “winged eyeliner look” and 2) the “smoky eye look”. So I wanted to learn another style of eye makeup for a more “sophisticated night time look”.

I also was looking for a new lip colour. And I needed some new finishing powder, because I was about to run out.

The other thing I liked about this experience was… the makeup lesson cost $95, but you get to redeem $95 worth of products. So in a way you’re buying $95 of products, but getting a 1 hour long, personalised, one-on-one, step-by-step, real life tutorial and advice for free.

Makeup Lesson by Napoleon Perdis

This is me, at 10am in the morning, about to start my makeup lesson!

My makeup teacher for the day was Lisa. She wiped off my existing makeup (which was just tinted moisturiser and a bit of powder) and she cleaned my face.

Makeup Lesson by Napoleon Perdis

On the left, Lisa put some Napoleon Perdis Pre-Foundation Primer (which I already own and use) on my face. Then she applied some concealer (which was really nice!), some tinted moisturiser with a stippling brush (which I’ve never used, but I liked the effect), and she powdered my face.

The finishing powder that I have been currently using at home (for the last year or so), also happens to be by Napoleon… but I was using Shade 3. Lisa matched my colour today and it was the same product, but Shade 1! OMG I can’t believe I was using a powder shade that was so much darker than I needed! Hence my silly face in the mirror. How embarrassing.

I must’ve had a tan when I bought the earlier powder :P

On the right, she applied a bronzer on my cheekbones with an angled contour brush (which I didn’t like much, because it looked too dramatic) and she added some pink blush on the apple of my cheeks (in a really nice colour).

Before and after each step, Lisa showed me the brushes and the products she used, and explained why she was doing something and what kind of effect it would have.

I asked lots of questions and made mental notes about which products I liked and felt good on my skin.

After that, she filled in my eyebrows using a brush and brow colour. I usually use a Chanel eyebrow pencil at home. But I really adored this brushed brow style…  it looked much more natural. I made a note on the type of brush she used.

Makeup Lesson by Napoleon Perdis

For my eyes, Lisa suggested the “classic eye look”. I know what it looks like, but I’ve never tried it on myself, because for some reason I just thought it wouldn’t suit my Asian eyes.

I told her, “I only ever use blacks, greys and blues. I don’t like using browns, because I think it looks a bit old fashioned and it makes me look and feel older. What are the most popular eye colours for people with my skin colour?”

And she said, “Um.. actually, browns!”

So I said, “Haha ok just use browns… and I’ll see how I feel about it at the end!”

I was a bit hesitant about the browns, but I decided to trust that she would give me a “modern classic look”.

She applied my mascara, eye primer, base colour, shadow, eyeliner, everything. I stopped her a lot… to take photos and to look closer at where she applied the shadow, so I could try it myself at home.

On the right was my final, finished look. I really liked it!!

The browns (and a bit of bronze) looked pretty good too… and it wasn’t very BROWN at all. More like black and dusty grey.

Plus I loved the colour she chose for my lips.

Makeup Lesson by Napoleon Perdis

In the end, I looked at the makeup table and saw ALL the products and brushes she had used.

I was both impressed by all the great products she used… and equally shocked by how many were needed for a nice face of makeup. Us women are crazy, I tell you! :)

Makeup Lesson by Napoleon Perdis

These were the products I eventually chose:

From the left –
Precision Angle Sable Brush Eyes ($25)
DéVine Goddess Lipstick – Colour Andromeda ($35)
Camera Finish Powder Foundation – Look G1 ($65)

My total value for the products was $125, but since my course allowed $95 of redeemable products, I paid $30. Also they had an in-store promotion, if I spent more than $120, I received a complimentary 3 piece bath and body pack hehe.

Overall, it was an excellent learning experience. And I completely recommend it :)

It is just fantastic for someone who is looking to polish up their makeup skills (like me!), or for someone who is a complete beginner, or someone stuck in a beauty rut and need some inspiration, or someone wanting to try some new products and colours (like me!), or just someone wanting a new and fresh look!

It also makes a lovely gift for a girlfriend, sister, wife, or mother.


The team at Red Balloon are offering my readers a special promotion!

Receive $30 off when you spend $129 or more on ANY experience.

To redeem: Visit and enter the promotional code REDKC13 at the checkout to receive your discount.

Terms and Conditions: Offer valid until 31/12/13. Promotional Code can only be used once per person. All purchases are subject to RedBalloon T&Cs, for full details read here.

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A Mermaid Moment

9 June 2013

Here’s another snap shot from my holiday trip last week – we were doing a bit of rock climbing off Castle Rock at Dunsborough.

Dunsborough Rocks

The adults and older kids organised a bit of “proper” rock climbing and abseiling. While the little kids played on the beach and did a bit of scrambling over the rocky landscape.

My 4 year old and I tiptoed over these rocks (in the photo above) and climbed up the rock face (in the background of this photo) which doesn’t actually look as scary and steep in real life!

Castle Rock, Dunsborough

During afternoon snacks of apples, bananas and cheese biscuits… I wandered down to the edge of the water for 15 minutes of quiet time.

I sat on a rock and enjoyed watching the slow, wave movement of the calm ocean, rising up and down the rocks. The crystal clear water looked like a mesmerising looking-glass into another realtity, rising and falling like a breathing creature.

It was a magical and so peaceful.

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Delicate Jewellery with Bold Prints

7 June 2013

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

This is pretty much my go-to formula these days – a bold, print skirt with a print top.

I really enjoy the visual clash of odd pairings… feels a bit wrong and naughty, but in a fun and “who really cares” kind of way.

And yes I did throw on a huge black coat over the top, before I stepped outside.

As my whole outfit is pretty loud and busy, I wanted to add just a touch of jewellery on my neck and fingers.

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

Bring on some new delicate pieces from Wanderlust + Co!

I’m wearing Petite Bar Necklace from the Les Petites collection.

So classic and versatile. You can wear it with a graphic print tee, a blouse, a simple top. Wear it on its own, or layer it with other necklaces in the same metallic hue.

Also comes in silver.

I’m also wearing it with a gold layered necklace by Collette Dinnigan.

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

How pretty is this Gold Infinity Ring from the Simple Things collection?!

It is so simple, small and pretty, and it matches nicely with other rings I own.

Also comes in rose gold and silver.

Special Discount Code

To celebrate the launch of Wanderlust + Co’s brand new website, they are offering my readers a special discount code :)

Enter the code “yaykaren20” at the checkout to receive 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store. Offer ends 21st June 2013.

My outfit details:
Star shirt by SHINN
Sequin skirt by Forever New
Rebecca Minkoff handbag from Shopbop
Nude heels from ASOS

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A Quiet Space to Play

6 June 2013

My 4 year old goes to school 2 full days and 1 half day every week.

Everyday he wakes up at 6:30am. On his full school days, he goes to school from 9am to 3pm. And at the end of the day, he is pretty tired and he is happy to go to sleep at 6:30pm.

He loves school, but the days blast by so quickly, that even he can feel it.

When I tuck him into bed after a long day, he sighs at me and says stuff like, “That day went by so fast. There isn’t even any time to play with my toys mum. I miss my toys.”

So on the days he is home with me, I understand where he’s at. I know he is craving a space where he can just play.

I try not to fill our schedule with back-to-back outings anymore. I try to create a quiet part of the day for him.

And he loves it.

He even asks me politely to “please go do some work or cook dinner, so I can play by myself!”

He blossoms into this wonderful, happy, imaginative, focused child – so delighted to sit on the floor and build a city for his toy characters. So thrilled to make paper costumes for his stuffed toys and line them up for “school”. He finds boxes and makes himself a letter box. He writes letters, draws pictures and decorates them with stickers and leaves. He organises picnics for his teddies. He makes traffic lights. He paints rocks. He pretends he’s a doctor.

And he just does it all by himself.

Liam Painting - A Quiet Space

This sunny afternoon, he lined up his favourite teddies and he gave them an art lesson, starting with how to mix colours and how to paint circles.

Man, I love this kid. I feel so privileged to be his mum.

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Off-Road Running

4 June 2013

Hi there! I’m back!

We went away for the weekend and we stayed in Dunsborough with 7 other families. It was so much fun, very relaxing and just lovely to get away from our routine for a bit.

Off Road Running

One morning, a friend of mine took us running on some off-road tracks – and I enjoyed it soooo much!

Until now, I’ve only ever run on roads, paths, grass and beaches, which are all very open and spacious. I can see for miles ahead and all around me.

But these bush tracks were mostly surrounded and enclosed by trees. And it was like a 1 metre wide tunnel, winding through a thick bush. Like a 3D maze. The trees and shrubs soaked up all the noises around me. The sounds of the world were all hushed and quiet. My footsteps on the ground were muffled. It was quite magical.

Sometimes the tracks would open up towards the beach… and I found myself running along a top of a hill, looking down onto the ocean.

Other times the trees were so high, that I felt like I was running through a forest.

Off Road Running

Most of the track was compacted flat, but there were still a lot of uneven ground and rocks everywhere. Very often the track just turned into a rocky mess (pictured here)… and I had to soften my steps and kind of “dance” across the rocky ground… without twisting my ankle and hurting my knees, of course.

I found it so interesting. With all the inclines, declines, uneven ground, loose rocks, the always changing scenery, the gorgeous sounds of the bush – it was really challenging and such awesome fun.

I’m so inspired by the experience, that I might even try mountain biking now :)

All up – I ran slowly (with a bit of walking and no stops) for about 4kms.

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Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

3 June 2013

I’ve talked about this before, when I wrote 3 Ways to Wear a Sequin Skirt.

And I still believe that buying a statement skirt is one of the best ways to building a stylish wardrobe.

Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

When it comes to buying your basics and wardrobe staples, do pay more and choose a higher quality where you can afford it.

But when it comes to buying a statement skirt… buy more items, for less.

You’ll be able to stretch your wardrobe further that way and still come out looking stylish and on trend.

Here are some tips: Buy from high street fashion stores. Choose something affordable and on trend. Buy a skirt that is bright and bold. Pay around $50 – $100 for it. Or look for something quirky or unique in a bargain bin. Or an op shop. Find a statement print, an unusual colour, or a lovely material.

OK so you probably have lots of the basics – neutral coloured tops, a black blazer, a stripe top, a white button down shirt, a denim shirt, a grey coat, a black cardigan, a navy blouse, a cream silk top.

Here are some ideas on how to put them together (with the skirts pictured above) to create a stylish outfit.


Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

Pencil Skirt In Mirrored Print

White Blazer – Topshop
DvF Clutch – Shopbop
Zoe Karssen Grey tee – The Outnet
Erickson Beamon Earrings – Shopbop

Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

Geometric Sequin Mini Skirt

Black blazer – Topshop
Bracelet – Wanderlust and Co
DvF Clutch –
Equipment Silk Blouse in Nude – Shopbop
Jewelled Necklace – ASOS
Chanel nail colour – StrawberryNET


Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

White Mini Wrap Skirt

Colbolt Camisole – Topshop
Bobbi Brown Rose Blossom – StrawberryNET
Hipanema Alesia Friendship Bracelet – ASOS
Black blazer – Topshop
By Malene Birger handbag – Shopbop


Building a Stylish Wardrobe – The Statement Skirt

Stripe Textured Pencil Skirt from ASOS

Topshop Leather jacket – Topshop
Nars Manhunt – StrawberryNET
Marc Jacobs Watch – ASOS
Grey Clutch Topshop

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Women’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide.

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First Day of Winter

1 June 2013

First Day of Winter 2013

Hello June!

It’s the first day of winter in Australia, and the weather is still gorgeous and sunny!

The mornings have been a bit cold these last few days, but as the afternoon comes around, the warm sunshine and the blue skies still puts a smile on my face.