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Have you shopped at Modcloth before?

28 May 2013

I’ve never actually shopped at ModCloth before, but I know LOTS of people who have and they are always really happy with their items.

Also, whenever I go to weddings or afternoon tea party functions, I’ll usually see a woman in a pretty, eye-catching dress… and I will always go up to her and ask where she got it from… more often than not, the woman says “ModCloth!”

Soooo… the other day I decided to try it out for myself.

Here are some dresses that really caught my eye. They have lots of styles for parties, special occasions, casual, floral, prints, maxi, minis and more.

Dresses from ModCloth

From left to right: Rose Bubbly Dress, Bubble Your Luck Dress, Palm Springs into Action

These full circle skirt dresses have been influenced from the 50s style. They look feminine, pretty and ladylike. They also create and accentuate an hourglass figure.

Dresses from ModCloth

From left to right: Lady Love Dress, Shadow of a Dot Dress, Magenta Saved by the Bow

If you’re new to ModCloth and you’d like to sign up as a new member and make a purchase over $50, you can get $15 off by using my referral link here.


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