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Mr Two Wheeler

29 April 2013

So my youngest son turned 4 years old recently… and he now knows how to ride a proper pedal bike, with no training wheels!!

Two Wheeler

He was so sooo proud, excited and terrified!!

And me? I was proud, excited and terrified too!!

My husband kept insisting that he was ready. But I could hardly believe it. I kept thinking… Isn’t he a bit young to do this? I don’t think he’s ready for this?! He’s my last child and HE’S JUST A BABY FOR GODS SAKE!!

But he did it. And he was great at it :)

Sooo… the most embarrassing thing about this BIG EVENT… was that er… *THE MOMENT* actually happened over 2 weeks ago… and I didn’t record *THE MOMENT* on any picture taking device. My bad. Big, big bad.

I think for my first son, I recorded video and took photos of the “first time he rode with two wheels”. For my second son, I took lots of photos. But my third? None. For two weeks.

*Oh the shame!*

A huge Three-Child-Parenting-Fail right there!

(In my defense, I don’t walk or run in the park with my iphone anymore. So I don’t have my camera handy when these things happen :P)