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Black Wedge Sneakers

25 April 2013

Wedge Sneakers

Look what I got! Black wedge sneakers! And they look aaaawesome!

When this style of shoe came out last year, I decided they were not for me.

I tried on a beige pair in the shops – I was wearing denim shorts at the time – and I just felt like I was trying too hard to be a 13 year old :P

Instead I have been happy with wearing my Black Converse Chuck Taylors Hi Tops. I’ve had them for years. They are pretty classic in style, very comfortable to wear and I guess everybody wears them nowadays.

So when my Chucks finally died a few months ago (I wore a hole through the heel, so my socks got wet if I stepped in a puddle!), I thought I’d try something different for this coming winter.

Black Wedge Sneakers

I picked these Black Wedge Sneakers up from YesStyle, they are by a Korean designer called Lee Han Na (45SEVEN) and they are much more affordable than those offered by the designer labels – they are on sale at the moment!

They are made from genuine leather, with lovely details, good cushioning, and they feel very comfortable. I can go all day in them, and I hardly notice the height of the heel, because the shoe is all wrapped up, snug around my ankles. If I were to be a bit picky, the join where the soles meet the upper leather, is a bit lumpy at certain parts and it doesn’t create a perfectly smooth line haha.

Basically, this is a great SMART CASUAL shoe that I can wear with my jeans in winter.

They are a really nice change from my leather ankle boots and knee high boots – that I practically live in during winter.

They also go so well with the sporty luxe look that I’m currently loving too (well, they are sneakers after all).

I love that they give me a bit of height too.

And I don’t think I’d go for the beige version, as I still feel that I might be “trying too hard” :)

*I’m a size AUD6 for boots and sneakers, and I chose the Korean shoe size 230mm. And they fit me perfectly!

Wedge Sneakers

If you want to look around a bit more, Country Road sells a Suede Wedge Sneaker (pictured left) for $99. But good luck trying to find them your size!

And ASOS sells the Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers (pictured right), which are a bit pricier. I think they sell this style over at Shopbop too.

Anyway, do you think you’re going to embrace the wedge sneaker this winter?!