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Living Without Her

18 April 2013

My mother-in-law passed away in December, aged 81.  Her name was Sheila.

So my family has been learning how to be a family without her.

All these important dates keep happening…. Christmas, New Year, Easter, kid’s birthdays. At each event, I automatically set a place for her at the table, then I realise she won’t be here… and so I move the place settings around again.

This week, it would have been her 82nd birthday.

And as a way of celebrating Sheila’s life, I have decided to share some pictures of her, when she was about the age I am now.

Living Without Her - Sheila

Check it out – 1960’s glamour! So confident and sexy!

Here, she is in her 30s. She had two babies, and another two to go.  A woman in the very midst of building her family and living her life. Her husband is the lucky guy taking the photo. No wonder they had two more babies after this :)

Living Without Her - Sheila

And this is her and her 4 kids a few years later in the 70s. They were getting onto a ship to migrate to Australia, to start a whole new phase of their life. It took WEEKS to travel by boat from Scotland to Australia.

My husband, Andrew, is the second smallest kid in the photo (second from the right), and he is 5 years old here. Here he looks EXACTLY like my youngest son, Liam!

Living Without Her - Sheila

And here is Sheila with Andrew, when he was 7 years old. Such a beautiful mother and child photo.

Happy Birthday to you Sheila, and thank you for… everything.