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Bandage and Floral

9 April 2013

I picked out two new ‘premium’ dresses from online boutique ClubCouture… and oh my goodness, they are just stunning!!

Dresses by ClubCouture

This first dress is the Patterned Banded Bodycon Dress (very Herve Leger!) and it is absolutely gorgeous to wear.

I wore it recently to a launch at Tiffanys where I met Ewan McGregor, so I’ve now started to call it my Ewan dress haha.

It is quite an unusual dress, because if you look closely, the bandages have a print on them. And some nude panels are completely sheer. But the fabric is strong, firm and stretchy, a bit like a corset. So it just hugs you and tucks you in, in all the right places.

It’s unique, eye catching, I adore the neutral colour palette and it looks amazing… I realllly like it :)

As for sizing, I’m wearing a Size UK6 in this dress, and to be honest, it’s a *little tiny bit tight* for what I’m used to. I had to hold my breath in order to zip it up! I’m usually a good standard size and I can pretty much fit anything that is labelled UK6. So if you’re more of an UK8, then I’d choose the UK8 for this dress.

So even though it is a bit tight, the dress is stretchy enough that it feels quite comfortable to wear. I happily wore it for 5 hours one evening. It didn’t ride up my legs, or suffocate me, or pinch me in funny places. It was all good and I totally recommend it to those looking for a sexy dress that’s a bit different.

Dresses by ClubCouture

This dress is the Silk Watercolour Dress. And yes I adore this one too!

Its style is a lot more grown up and sophisticated, with its high neckline and knee length skirt. The fabric is silky and smooth. The print is colourful, vibrant, very pleasing to the eye and looks modern.

It’s not trying to be too fashiony or too look-at-me. It’s just lovely, classy and lady like. I wore it to an evening corporate event and I felt so intelligent, graceful and like I was the first lady or something!

It is perfect for work. Wearing to weddings. Wearing out to day time or night time functions. It’s a very versatile dress.

You can check out their full collection of dresses here (starting prices at $26) or view their Premium Range here (starting prices at $49).

There are a lot of great dresses and good stuff, enjoy!!


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