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Figs and Happy Bok Choy

17 March 2013

Here are a weekend few snaps from my garden.


My figs are looking a bit small this year, but they taste incredible!

They are so sweet and luscious, that every time I tear one open to take a bite, I stare into the tangled red flesh… and marvel that they were created from water, sunlight and a bit of cow poo.

Last year, all my figs were eaten by rats. But this year, the rats seemed to have kept away. Probably because they are feasting on my grapefruits, and my neighbour’s mangoes!

Happy Bok Choy

And remember how I almost killed my baby bok choy seedlings? How dried up, withered and dead they looked?!

Well I’ve managed to nurse them back to health. Look at them now!

They look so so happy! They look like they’re singing!

Ah, it puts a big smile on my face.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!