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Stepping Up For A Bum Of Steel

31 March 2013

I’ve been cycling regularly for a few years now and it’s my main form of cardio and aerobic exercise.

However, I suspected that my muscles were getting a little lazy and programed to just work in one way…. so I’ve thrown something a little different into my mix: RUNNING.

On my first running attempt, I walked out of my house and ran down the footpath headed towards my local park. It was only 200m, I was running at a good pace, and it took me less than 2 minutes (I think) to get to the park, but I was sooooo exhausted! My brains were about to explode, my legs were jelly, my ankles felt swollen, and I was literally about to collapse! I was stopped by the side of the road, bent over, holding my knees, red-faced, huffing and puffing… and LAUGHING!

I thought to myself – OMG this is soooo hard! I cycled 70kms a few days ago! I’m supposed to be quite fit?! How can I not be able to run?! This is absurd!

So everyday now, when my husband comes home from work in the evening, I steal 30 minutes away for a quick run. Er, it’s actually more like a “walk around the park”, with a bit of running here and there.

But you know what? I love pushing myself. And then discovering (very quickly the next day!) that I can run for longer distances and for longer amounts of time. And it doesn’t hurt so much anymore.

It’s been 5 days, and I can now run the 200m without any pain in my legs or any exhaustion whatsoever. In fact, I don’t think my heart rate goes up very much now.

Baby steps towards my first 5km run!

Speaking of steps… my girlfriend and I met up to give Jacob’s Ladder a go :)

Jacob's Ladder Perth

Jacob’s Ladder is set of steps at Kings Park – famous in Perth to runners, trainers and general fit people.

There are 242 steps, literally on the side of the 45m cliff. They were first built in the early 1900s as wooden steps, and they were replaced by concrete steps in the 1960s.

On the weekends, it’s a really popular spot for people wanting a kick ass workout.

Jacob's Ladder Perth

The view at the top of Jacob’s Ladder (Cliff Street) is pretty amazing too. You can stand at the top and look out over the Swan River and Perth city.

Kings Park is one of my favourite places to exercise – mainly because of the sweeping views, the lovely parks, the smooth road (with few cars) and the hills (for cycling).

Bike and Pink Shoes

I decided to cycle into Kings Park.

Cycle then climb some steps! Hey I was up for a challenge!

I wore my cycling shorts, with a running top and running shoes. I felt really dorky on my bike. I felt completely mismatched.

Not to mention, I was wearing my cycling pants (which are heavily padded!), while climbing the stairs, so I was feeling really, really dorky! Like a waddling duck with a big puffy bum!

My girlfriend and I were both Jacob’s Ladder virgins. We’ve never done it before. We were a bit scared. But we gave it a good go.

First round: We walked down and up Jacob’s Ladder really slowly.

Second round: Ran all the way down and up. I got stuck behind some people who were walking it… which was a good thing, because I was getting a bit sore.

Third time: I ran down and up again. This time faster, and I dodged the walking people. I was really sore, my legs were burning and I was out of breath at the end.

However, after I walked around a bit, I felt fine. I cycled around the Kings Park hills a few times, before heading home.

All up, I cycled 40kms and did 3 rounds of the ladder. Yay!

Next time no more puffy bum pants! Look out for my bum of steel!

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Marc Jacobs Cat Studs!

30 March 2013

Shop Bop MJ Earrings

Tee hee, how cute and playful are these cat studs by Marc Jacobs!?

I went a bit crazy at the Shopbop Sale and I picked up a few bits and pieces.

Aaah their sale prices make it close to impossible to resist!

I’ve been thinking that I need to refresh my accessories anyway, as I’ve been wearing the same stuff for months now. I’ve been very attracted to really quirky, but small-sized items.

So these are just perfect :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx

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Eating Healthy: Chicken Noodle Soup

28 March 2013

Chicken Noodle Soup

I love clear chicken broth with noodles. It’s pretty much chicken stock with noodles and a melody of fresh vegetables (eaten like pho).

It’s very simple to make, and as long as you take out all the chicken fat, don’t use too much salt and pile on lots of vegetables, it can be nice and healthy too.

I make this very often for my family and they love it.

I also modify it so I can eat it PALEO style – swap the rice noodles for sliced zucchini and cabbage.

Clear Chicken Broth (Chinese style)
2 or 3 small chicken frames (they are $1 for 3 frames at my butcher)
5 cloves of garlic
3cm piece ginger
1 red onion, quartered
6L of water

1. Rinse chicken frames with cold water and trim away the fat.
2. Place chicken and all ingredients in a stockpot and bring to the boil.
3. Reduce heat to a very gentle simmer and cook for 2 hours.
4. Skim the surface with a ladle to get rid of oil and impurities.
5. Strain through fine sieve or muslin.
(Makes about 3.5 litres)

Try adding extra fragrant ingredients:
2 tablespoons of lime juice
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 cup of Thai basil (haha not so Chinese!)
A sprinkle of fried shallots
And a dish of cut chillies for me!

Put it together in separate bowls:
– rice noodles
– chicken breast, shredded
– fish balls (my kids love fish balls)
– bean sprouts
– finely sliced green beans, lettuce, capsicums, zucchini, cabbage, spinach
– then pour steaming hot broth over the top and serve

(In the photo above, these were my bowls before I poured in the hot soup. I usually let them sit for a good 10 minutes before I serve my kids, because I don’t want them to burns themselves.)

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Wearing Glitter Tweed

27 March 2013

Tweed Jacket by Sarah, via YesStle

I’ve always loved the smart lines of a blazer. Added to any outfit, it brings a polished sophistication, which I’m very much drawn to.

What more, I found this gorgeous glitter tweed blazer by Sarah, a popular Korean label. It sparkles and glitters subtly, subdued by the textured tweed. Unlike a full sequin jacket, I think this jacket has *just* enough sparkle for a blazer, without being in-your-face.

I’ve already worn it a few times. And this particular day, I wore it to a meeting in the city. With harem pants, no less.

After that, I went back to my car, slipped off my heels, wiggled out of my pants and then slipped on a tutu skirt haha!

I had another evening event to attend, and with my tutu skirt, I felt much more in the mood to party :)

The days have definitely been getting cooler. I’m a bit sad that summer is leaving so soon. But now it means – hooray – I can start wearing jackets and jeans again.

Outfit 1
Glitter tweed jacket – Sarah via Yesstyle
Black top – Bamboo Body Top from Ciao Bella Travel
Harem pants – Zanthus
Black suede heels – Betts

Outfit 2
Glitter tweed jacket – Sarah via Yesstyle
Black top – Bamboo Body Top from Ciao Bella Travel
Tutu Skirt – Birdsnest Online Fashion
Black suede heels – Betts

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My Littlest Boy Turns Four

26 March 2013

Liam Turns 4

My little Liam turns 4 years old this week… and aaah just look at his cheeky grin and his beautiful bright eyes!

If I were to compare all three of my kids at the age of 4, Liam is by far the brightest, most eloquent, and most academically advanced. His teacher told me that he has the learning capability and focus of a 5 year old. He can read simple sentences, he can spell basic words using his knowledge of phonics, can count to 50 unassisted, and can do basic addition and subtraction. Yep, he’s a smart kid.

But what I’m more proud of… is that Liam loves to learn things. Academic things. He likes to talk about maths and spelling questions for fun.

He’s also very confident. He knows what he likes, and he prefers things to be a certain way. He’s particular and a bit precious.

When Liam is by himself – with just me or my husband – he is a wonderful little boy.

He is so warm, polite, sweet, considerate, and funny (really funny!). He’s fun to talk to and actually listens to what you are trying to teach him and he asks really good questions. He’s gorgeously affectionate (more so than his other brothers) and dishes out the sweetest comments and cuddles ever.

He is a *joy* to hang around with. Even my own mum and dad can’t contain their delight when he and I go to visit them, they are completely enamoured by him. His personality just seems to brighten up the room, and everyone’s lives :)

Liam Turns 4

However, on the other hand…

When he is with his brothers…. Liam is really naughty.

He constantly seeks attention, he always ALWAYS teases and provokes his brothers, he’s really loud and shouty, he wants to be where the action is, he wants to be the centre of attention, he has very little regard for their things (or anyone’s things!), he smashes stuff up, he draws on furniture (and walls, carpet, bed sheets!), he terrorises everyone in the house :(

Every afternoon (after school from 3 – 5pm) if Liam is roaming around the house – bored, with nothing to do – my house turns into a war zone. Everyone ends up in tears, including me. No matter how hard I try to organise the afternoon, it always ends up as a disaster.

For example, one time I tried to get my oldest boy (who is very responsible and nurturing) and Liam to put together afternoon tea as a sort of teaching/learning activity… this gave my middle boy an opportunity to start his homework on the dining table. All they had to do was get some fruit, veges and simple biscuits on 3 plates with 3 cups of water.

I left the room for 5 minutes and in that time, Liam had slammed the cupboard door on his older brother’s fingers (on purpose, because he “didn’t like the way he was humming and wouldn’t shut up”) and then he got a cup of water for his other brother and poured it all over his homework and lap because he didn’t say thank you properly. The older boys were screaming with pain and anger. So I put Liam in his room, he screams at me and calls me a stupid idiot and he trashes his room, bangs on the door and and throws things at the glass window – shouting “I’m going to break this window and glass is going to go everywhere and it’s going to be all your fault MUM!”

And this is only 15 minutes after I pick the kids up from school and return home!! Can you imagine this happening EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?!?! The kids turns into a monster whenever he’s with his brothers – it’s crazy!

Let’s just say that – for a few weeks – I cried a lot.

HOW have I been managing it? Immediately after school, I have to stick Liam in front of the tv, or get him to play in his room by himself. He loves his tv shows, especially Playschool. And he loves playing by himself, especially when inspired by an old set of toys that I have hidden away and brought out on rotation. Or if he’s given an activity that he hasn’t done in a while. Basically, Liam is confined in a small, quiet space for 1 hour – for his own safety!

This has been happening for a few months now and it works for us. Phew.

I believe this bad behaviour is simply related to “being a 3 year old boy” and the surges of testosterone that young boys experience at different points in their lives. I recall my middle boy was also very naughty, tantrumy and very prone to throwing objects at doors…. and look at him now, he’s a a lovely and mild-mannered 8 year old boy. There is hope beyond BEING 3!

I’m sure of it!

And so here’s to a wonderful new year of BEING 4, my gorgeous little Liam!

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Riding my bike on the FREEWAY!

24 March 2013

This morning I woke up at 4am to participate in the RAC Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma :)

It was a huge cycling event where the South-bound freeway was closed off and 10,000 cyclists rode distances of 10km, 30kms and 70kms.

I rode the 70kms distance, starting at Mandurah and riding all the way into the city. It was my first time doing this event and I was super keen to do this ride – particularly because I’ve always wanted to ride on the FREEWAY!

RAC Freeway Bike Hike 2013

As I said, I woke up at 4am… then I had a hot shower (because I’m precious ok?). I gathered my things and made my way to a Southern train station to catch the 5:45am train to Mandurah.

RAC Freeway Bike Hike 2013

Unfortunately there were a few hold ups. The trains were running a bit late because of the sheer number of cyclists.

We stood on the crowded platform for 1 hour. It was soooo cold (14°C I think). Everyone else seemed so big, buff and stoic in their skin tight, short-sleeve lycra tops and little cycle shorts. But my teeth were chattering and my hands were shaking. I had to walk around to stop my body from shaking.

Eventually the train arrived. Everyone seemed to know HOW to fit hundreds of cyclists into a 4 car train carriage. I just went with the flow.

RAC Freeway Bike Hike 2013

Everyone lifted their bikes to a vertical position, and wheeled them in slowly, while shuffling along clumsily, as if they were negotiating a baby pet giraffe.

We all sat there, crammed together, shoulder-to-fricking-shoulder, holding our vertical bikes between our legs. We were so close and tightly packed, that I wondered what would happen if the bikes fell like dominoes.

My handlebars were bumping into my head. My bike saddle was pushing into my chest. And my water bottle was dripping onto my shoe. It was a really strange moment.

However I thought that the bikes made a beautiful pattern, like a woven wheel herringbone.

We arrived at our destination.

Word got around that the start time was going to be a little later than planned, because of the train delays. So I zipped off for a quick toilet stop. Unfortunately, about 50 people had the same idea.

I joined the queue to the women’s toilets… and I noticed – for the first time EVER – that the queue for the MEN’S TOILETS was longer than the queue for the women’s toilets.

RAC Freeway Bike Hike 2013

The ride went off smoothly. And I had an AMAZING RIDE. It was just bloody brilliant :)

Flat, flat, FLAT, super smooth roads for 70kms straight!! The weather ended up to be perfect (29°C), and there was a light breeze coming up behind us, pushing us along. It was one of the nicest rides I’ve had, to date.

I didn’t ride in a group this time. I wanted to cruise along at my own speed, as I hadn’t really trained up for doing 70kms in one go, and I wasn’t sure how fast or hard I wanted to push myself. Besides, I enjoy riding by myself. And I did join some strangers and chatted to a few people during the ride, so it was a lovely balance.

At one point I rode 15-20kms cruising at 28-32kms/hour… which is the longest I’ve ridden at that speed. So I was pretty happy.

I cycled 60kms straight without stopping once (have never done that before). I stopped for 2 minutes to get a water bottle refilled and to adjust my bike computer. And finished the last 10kms with ease.

RAC Freeway Bike Hike 2013

As I approached the finish line, I felt so pleased!

I rested up, ate some food, enjoyed the sunshine, then instead of riding home, I caught the train again haha.

I wanted to do it all over again next week :)  Unfortunately, the government only makes the freeway available ONCE a year.

So, I’ll definitely be doing it next year, maybe with a group.

The event raised an estimated $150,000 for the Asthma Foundation WA – very cool!

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Peacocking and Swanning at the WA Fashion Awards 2013

22 March 2013

I was invited to the glamourous WA Fashion Awards 2013 held at Brookfield Place in Perth City.

I wrote a blog post about my last-minute “wardrobe dilemma” and how online boutique Frockaholics, saved the day!

WA Fashion Awards 2013

This year the event welcomed 400 VIP guests to walk the red carpet.

Fashion designers, models, stylists, photographers, makeup artists, fashion business owners, sponsors, and the media… all came together – in their most fashionable attire – to celebrate this year’s most outstanding members of the local industry.

Everyone had gorgeous hair, amazing make up, incredible tans and were sporting statement outfits and hot designer labels.

It was fun to be a part of it and watch the crowd swirl around like a flock of birds.

WA Fashion Awards 2013
Photo by Perth Photography

This is Annie, owner of Tu Boutique, and I.

I was wearing a lace dress by Eileen Kirby (from Frockaholics), clutch by PeepToe and shoes by GlamRockShoes.

Annie was wearing a stunning leather and silk gown by The Butcher and The Crow.

WA Fashion Awards 2013

This is hot stylist Mikey, and even hotter Lisa of Generics Accessories.

WA Fashion Awards 2013
Photo by Miss Mon Bon

This was my sexy back :P

It was such a warm and humid evening, you’d think that having a bare back would count for something? Nope, I was still sweating and glistening like everyone else. Not so sexy.

And here are some of the well-deserved winners and fashion friends that I’m super proud of!

WA Fashion Awards 2013
Photo by Stefan Gosatti

Shane Newton (centre) won the Designer For Tomorrow Award – he totally deserved this award for his label Zsadar.  Ange Langton (left) was last year’s winner of Designer For Tomorrow Award, and Greg Caust (right) from the Commonwealth Bank.

WA Fashion Awards 2013
Photo by Stefan Gosatti

Alvin Fernandez (Ae’lkemi) won the Most Innovative Designer Award, Teagan Sewell (Sewellery) won the Fine Details Award and Illustrator Pippa McManus won the Creative Edge Award.

I had a great time catching up with fashion friends, doing a whole lot of fashion spotting and celebrating with the winners.

But alas, I couldn’t stay for the drinking, partying and possibly debaucherous fashion activity that went on afterwards. Only kidding. I’m sure everyone just went home by 10pm, it was a school night after all :)

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Cooking With Kids: Chocolate Coated Bananas

21 March 2013

I made these Chocolate Coated Bananas with my (almost) 4 year old the other day.

They are quick, simple to make, and ready to eat in 15 minutes!

The recipe is self-explanatory :)

Chocolate Coated Bananas

We peeled 5 medium sized bananas.

Chocolate Coated Bananas

We stuck some little wooden sticks into the bottom of the bananas.

(We should have used wooden popsicle sticks, but we didn’t have any!)

Bananas went into the freezer for 5 minutes.

Chocolate Coated Bananas

I melted 400g of milk chocolate in the microwave.

Then we dunked the cold bananas into the melted chocolate.

Chocolate Coated Bananas

Sprinkled the ends with coloured sprinkles (or you can use nuts).

Chocolate Coated Bananas

Place on a tray lined with baking paper.

Back in the fridge for 5 minutes and they’re ready to eat!

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Karen’s Top 4: Best Ever Travel Clothes

19 March 2013

My gorgeous sponsors, Ciao Bella Travel, have asked me to put together my BEST EVER LIST of travel clothes.

This has come at a very appropriate time, because I’m off travelling in a few months time :)

Great travel clothes are really just normal clothes that are:
1) comfortable
2) easy to wash
3) no ironing required
4) a simple style that is versatile for different occasions
5) look great
6) be of good quality
7) AND be reasonably priced for all those things

I don’t travel enough to justify a wardrobe dedicated to travel, but I just love these clothes below because they have proven time and time again to be all of the above.

By the way, Ciao Bella are offering 15% off the ENTIRE SITE to all my readers, please see below for details.

Here goes. These are my Top 4 Travel Clothes…

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

This dress is the Iris Sleeveless by Sacha Drake. Made from a textured jersey, the fabric of this dress is strong, stretchy, thick and lightweight. I don’t have to iron it. I can roll it up, pop it into my bag, then slip it on and it will still look amazing. The fabric makes the dress feel robust, like I could wear it all day and I won’t ruin it.

The stretchiness makes it fit snug in all the right places. It sits beautifully on the waist and skims over the hips perfectly, the fabric panels slim the body, and it is very comfortable to wear.

The straps are nice and thick so I can wear a normal bra underneath. And the fabric is also thick enough that I can wear my nana knickers and still can’t see any panty lines haha :)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

I love the square neckline. I think it looks much more polished and sophisticated than a regular scoop neckline dress (which looks like a casual tank dress).

This style works well for the office, after dinner drinks, or you can wear it to formal occasions like a cocktail party or an evening function.

I’ve also included a close up photograph of the fabric. It’s textured and very lightweight.

It is definitely one of the Top 10 Dresses in my wardrobe!

(I am wearing the size 8 dress size.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Next is this 2 Way Cap Sleeve Top by Sacha Drake.

It retails for $99, but with a 15% discount it will be $84.15, which is a bargain for such a luxe top. It’s by Sacha Drake, so you can be sure that the quality of the fabric is top notch – soft, stretchy,  strong, smooth and pill resistant.

Wear it as a regular scoop neck top or turn it around to wear it as a boat neck top.

It’s so simple and versatile. Wear it with jeans, pants and a blazer, a pencil skirt, a floral skirt, a mini skirt and a statement necklace, a maxi skirt and a scarf, shorts, bermudas… the list is endless.

(I’m wearing size 8 here.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Ok you can’t get anymore basic than this. A black 3/4 sleeve top, called the Bamboo Body Above Elbow Scoop.

If you don’t own one… quick, go get one now! This one is $49.95 ($42.45 with the discount) and it is made from organic bamboo viscose and organic cotton. Environmentally friendly material that is soft, strong and smooth. It is lovely to wear, as it feels luxurious – I can’t believe it costs under $50.

Plus it actually stays in shape after a few washes.

The tummy area of this top is a little loose. It falls nicely and it doesn’t cling tightly to your tummy, which is fab :)

What I love about the classic black top, is that I can wear it on it’s own in summer. And during the winter, it also gets worn a lot, layered under my cardigans, jumpers and jackets.

Perfect for travelling.

(I’m wearing a size XS top.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Lastly, these are luxe Bamboo Body 3/4 Leggings.

They are made from gorgeously soft organic bamboo, organic cotton and a touch of spandex. These sit nicely on my waist and hips, and fit in a “relaxed and comfortable” kind of way…  because they don’t squeeze tightly and cling, like regular active wear leggings.

So far they don’t seem to pill either.

They are so comfy, breathable and luxe, that I just wear them all day, to the gym and then slouching around the house.

(Ok sorry, my photos are a bit misleading. I don’t actually go to the gym and slouch around the house with fabulous hair :P)

The 3/4 length and the full length leggings are both $49.95, but on sale they are $42.45.

(These leggings are size XS.)

Enjoy 15% off everything on Ciao Bella Travel for all my readers!

Enter the code KARENCHENG (with no spaces) to receive 15% OFF the entire website from 19th March – 6th of April.

Happy shopping!


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Crust Pizza Mt Lawley Turns 1 (Pizzzzaa Comaaaa)

18 March 2013

I was invited to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar in Mount Lawley.

Now this wasn’t just a regular Crust Pizza outlet… this particular store is run by popular food blogger, Michelle and her husband Joe, who not only knows her food,  she know how to throw a good party.

There was live music, cupcakes, balloons, and of course, bucket loads of pizza. There was a really lovely atmosphere in the air and the pizza bar was overflowing with friends, family and pizza lovers.

In fact, when I first arrived at the party, I couldn’t get inside because there were so many people there.

As I squeezed into the venue, I bumped into this guy.

Someone said that he was part of the “entertainment” for the evening.

My eyes widened, “They have MALE ENTERTAINERS at a pizza bar??”

Crust Mt Lawley - 1st Birthday

Well, no, not that kind of entertainer. No no no. Turns out that he was an artist, drawing cartoon caricatures for the party guests. Phew.

Caricatures! Much more family friendly! What a fun idea! I’ve never had a caricature drawn of me before.

So I waited in line for my turn.

When I finally sat down for my caricature… I suddenly I felt so awkward!

This guy was looking at me intently, my face, my eyes, my chin, and he was busily sketching away.

And it was so weird, I wasn’t sure where to look. I thought that I should at least FACE him, because he was, after all, trying to draw my face. But I went all shy. I didn’t really want to LOCK EYES with him, stare into the windows of his soul and share an unspoken moment with a total stranger.

Anyway, I ended up looking everywhere else but at him.

And I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do. I got my phone out and started to fiddle with it. How lame!

Crust Mt Lawley - 1st Birthday

I did take a photo of him.

I posted it up on my Facebook page saying “This guy is drawing a caricature of me!” and asked my friends, “Do you think he’s hot?”

But before I got any replies, it was over!

Crust Mt Lawley - 1st Birthday

My cartoon caricature was so cute! Aww and the artist was so kind with my flat Asian nose and wonky eyes. I look cuter, younger and prettier as a 2D line drawing :P

Maybe that’s what happens when you don’t look straight at a caricature artist.


By the time my drawing was finished, I was soooooo hungry.

Thankfully I love a good pizza!

Every time I sink my teeth into a gourmet pizza, my mouth quivers, my eyes roll back and my chest sighs with pleasure. It’s heaven.

Crust Mt Lawley - 1st Birthday

This pizza was the Oregano Verdi Base and Parmesan Squares.

It was a “Starter Pizza”, so it’s slightly smaller in size and priced at $7.50.

Omg you must try it. The flavours were so simple, yet it was so so soooo tasty.

Crust Mt Lawley - 1st Birthday

This next pizza was the Italian Sausage Pizza, with Italian sausage, bacon, Kalamata olives, tomatoes and garlic, garnished with fresh basil on a tomato base.

Again, it was absolutely delicious!

I stood there in the crowd of guests, and as the wait staff walked by with a plate of pizza, I threw out my arm out like a frog’s tongue and snatched up a pizza slice before they all disappeared.

I ate pizzas until my belly was about to burst.

I don’t usually eat so much wheat and cheese nowadays, but haha this was totally worth it.

Crust Pizza have recently launched their brand new menu, with new pizzas, desserts and more. Head over to the Crust Pizza Bar Mt Lawley Facebook Page to find out more.

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Figs and Happy Bok Choy

17 March 2013

Here are a weekend few snaps from my garden.


My figs are looking a bit small this year, but they taste incredible!

They are so sweet and luscious, that every time I tear one open to take a bite, I stare into the tangled red flesh… and marvel that they were created from water, sunlight and a bit of cow poo.

Last year, all my figs were eaten by rats. But this year, the rats seemed to have kept away. Probably because they are feasting on my grapefruits, and my neighbour’s mangoes!

Happy Bok Choy

And remember how I almost killed my baby bok choy seedlings? How dried up, withered and dead they looked?!

Well I’ve managed to nurse them back to health. Look at them now!

They look so so happy! They look like they’re singing!

Ah, it puts a big smile on my face.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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2 New Dresses from Fashion Valet

15 March 2013

Fashion Valet is a huge online store (think ASOS) based in Malaysia, that offers customers everything from clothes, accessories, beauty, shoes, handbags, designer collaborations and soon to be launched – kids and maternity wear.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to all the mass marketed global brands out there, do check this site out… especially their dresses, skirts and necklaces section.

As for me, I picked out these 2 fab dresses…

Fashion Valet

A bustier, Sara studded dress with satiny drapes by LUVELUXE.

How great is this dress?! It looks good, fits well, and is really affordable. It has a really nice balance of sexy and classy, which I really like.

I like the shape of the bustier too, which is called a “sweetheart shape” as the top looks like a love heart. Usually this shape looks very feminine and pretty, but it is balanced off by the tough, square studs, corset-like trim and the black satin shine (that has a certain leather look).

Spikes and studs are BIG in this new season. Wear them on your shoulders, your shoes, your wrist, your hat. Or bust?

Fashion Valet

I wore this dress out the other night. No jacket, no coat, no vest.

Just me, the dress, some earrings and a pair of shoes. Oh how I love being on rooftop bars, sitting outside in the warm evenings. I’m going to miss dining outside when the weather changes.

Fashion Valet

I also wore this dress out the other week, to a fancy lunch date with some girlfriends.

It is the Satin Dress in Flower Creme by Spotlight (a Malaysian label) but I think this particular design is sold out now. There’s another darker version here.

It’s an easy-to-throw-on, stylish-looking print dress to wear during the day. It’s also a super affordable dress at $30. The material is thin and light, perfect for the warm weather.

I wore it with a belt around my waist, hitched it up a bit and it looked like a playsuit. Bonus :)

Happy browsing or shopping!


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No Added Sugar Dessert: Mini Fruit Tarts

14 March 2013

On the weekend it was my sister-in-law’s birthday and we were invited to a High-Tea Picnic In Kings Park.

I was asked to bring some fruit tarts. So I considered buying a tray of 24 ready-made fruit tarts from a patisserie, but I promptly discovered that they were so expensive! Plus, there were going to be a lot of kids at the party and I couldn’t bear the thought of a kid taking a bite out of ONE fruit tart and then throwing it on the ground because he didn’t like the taste of it (that would be MY kid!).

So I set about making my own fruit tarts and making them “sugar free”.

Fruit Tarts

I bought 4 packets of “Savoury Tart Cases” from the supermarket.

They were $3 for 6 cases, which was excellent value. Plus they had no sugar in them. I think you are supposed to fill them up with savoury ingredients, like bacon, egg, mushrooms. Next time I might try making my own cases. Just flour and butter, right?

Then I bought a tub of natural thickened cream.

I whipped it up to make it even thicker. Put a dollop of cream in each case.

I cut up fruits and arranged them nicely on the tarts.

Actually, I only arranged one tart, as an example. I got my big boys to do the rest. They were great at it.

I also planned to melt a bit of strawberry jam in a pan to brush over the tops of the tarts. This would give them a nice pretty glaze to make them look extra special. But I decided to keep them sugar free.

Fruit Tarts

I placed all the tarts in a cupcake carry-case and kept them in the fridge, so that the cream wouldn’t soften/melt. Then I popped the carry-case in a cold bag (to keep them extra cool!), while we travelled to the picnic. I also brought along my vintage, tiered cupcake holder.

My kids helped me arrange the tarts on the plates, and they were so pleased that the tarts “looked so good, fresh and tasty!”

Fruit Tarts

In fact the whole High Tea Party spread looked fantastic.

The weather was just gorgeous that day. We sat on picnic rugs on the grass, under the shade of trees, it was warm and just perfect. We ate and drank and talked for hours, while all the kids ran off to play in the playground.

We had such a lovely time!

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Donating Blood and Registering to be a Stem Cell Donor

12 March 2013

Last week, I wrote about Emily. Emily needs to find a stem cell donor, or else she is going to die from cancer.

My first step to help her… is to get registered as a stem cell donor, and to blog about the process to show everyone how easy and worthwhile it is.

The process of registering is different in every country. In the US, it is just a little mouth swab. Other countries require a blood donation too. So it is worth finding out the requirements in your country first.

In Australia, you are required to donate blood, in order to become REGISTERED. You don’t actually donate your stem cells right there and then!

So here we go……..

Eeek I have never ever donated blood before!

The reason is because, when I was in my late teens and early 20s, I struggled with low iron and a low blood count. During my 3 pregnancies, I also had a very low blood count. So I just assumed that this low-ness was “normal for me” and that I should just avoid donating.

Not to mention, I can’t stand anything “blood related”. I don’t like the sight of blood. The smell of blood. I feel faint when I see too much blood. I get wobbly in my tummy when I see it oozing out of skin. I close my eyes during gory movies and medical procedures on tv. And I hate needles! I’m a real wimp.

But seriously, it’s such a lame excuse for me. I’ve been through much tougher things in life. I’m very fit and healthy at the moment. And I should be completely able to give blood.


When I gave birth to my first child, I lost a LOT of blood. I had to be in intensive care and I was given something like 2L of blood to help me recover. So in fact, I had been on the receiving end of someone’s donation. And my husband also received blood when he was being treated for his cancer. Obviously, it is pay back time :)

SO …

I made an appointment to donate blood and to put myself into the Australian Bone Marrow Donation Registry.

Everyone freaks out when you say the words “Bone Marrow”. The registry is called the Bone Marrow Registry, because the stem cells that are found floating around in your blood, actually grow in your bone marrow. Years ago, doctors had to take out bone marrow to get the stem cells, but now, they just sift them out of the blood stream.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

When I arrived at the Australian Red Cross Blood Services, the little waiting room was PACKED full of people. Lots of men in business suits, there was a guy and girl couple, a few young woman, and lots of young guys too. I could hardly find a seat for myself. But, I did notice that I was the only Asian face there.

I was given a few forms to fill out. Eventually the people in the waiting room moved on and I took a quick snap, before it filled up with more people again. I thought the design choice of the waiting chairs was very cute.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

I won’t lie. There was a lot of paper work. I had to fill out 3 forms.

But they were full of really simple questions like, “Do you have epilepsy? Have you ever suffered a stroke or a heart attack?? Are you taking any medication?”

This went on for a few pages. And I was ticking NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

And by the end of it, I was thinking – Holy cow, I’m pretty lucky to be so healthy!

Which is what they want. Fit, young, healthy people. Hey, we are blessed!

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

And this is it. That extra form that might save the life of someone in need.

The form that puts me into the worldwide pool of stem cell donors. That one day… someone on the other side of the world, or someone next door, or even you, will be able to find your 1 in a 10,000 match.

You have to specially request this form, from the nurse at the front reception desk.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

After submitting my paperwork, I was ushered to a little room. I talked to a nurse, who went through some pretty simple questions and answers.

For example, one question was “Have you EVER travelled outside Australia in the last 3 years? And which countries?” and I answered “Denmark, Singapore.”

She also took a skin prick, to test my haemoglobin. And then she took my blood pressure.

My results were perfect. I was a fine human specimen for donating blood.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

I was ushered over to the donating room, which was nice and air-conditioned. A bit like a movie theatre.

I found a nice comfy seat, and the nurse gave me a snuggly, woolly blankie, which made my day.

The nurse set to work.

A teeny tiny prick of pain.

And I was all hooked up and giving blood.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

Haha I totally look like a happy little granny here!

Lots of people asked me (after I donated) : What did it feel like?

My answer: Er, nothing! I just felt like I had some sticky tape on my arm. And I could feel the blood pressure wrap on my upper arm. I didn’t feel any “draining”, or “dizziness” or “coldness” or “light headed feelings”. I just chatted away to people nearby.

I have to admit, I was feeling a bit tense… because I was EXPECTING to feel dizzy or light headed. But I just didn’t. So actually, I felt happier as time went on, because it was going better than I expected.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

This was my little pumping machine.

My blood packet sat in a little dish, that was rocked back and forth by the machine, like a happy little baby being soothed to sleep.

You might be able to make out the numbers on the machine.

Since I was 45kgs, I could only give 420mL. The amount collected so far was 358mL. 065 was the flow per minute. And 8:11 was the minutes that had passed.

Actually, 420mL was my blood donation, and they took 2 extra vials for testing and registering to be a stem cell donor. But I didn’t feel any difference.

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

And just like that, I was done! They wrapped me up and gave me a cup of water.

The whole thing took less than 10 minutes!

I sat there… feeling absolutely fine. I thought – That’s it??

I looked over at my 420ml packet and I was a bit shocked.

It looked like a lot of blood! I looked at my own body and thought, THAT came out of my petite little body? And I still feel fine?! Wow the human body is pretty amazing.

Then it hit me. I had this wave of euphoria. I felt so freaking awesome.

I felt like I did something really, really really GOOD. And I was so proud of myself.

The nurses were so kind and grateful. They kept encouraging me to take it easy, stay for a bit and rest. So I sat there for a few more minutes, just sipping my water and watching all the action in the donation room.


My husband came to pick me up… and we took a gentle stroll into the city.

We found a cute tea parlour in the city and sat down for a cup of tea and red velvet cake. It was just such a brilliant feeling.

That afternoon we picked up the kids from school. I did some light housework. I cooked dinner. I watered my flowers. And I still felt absolutely fine. In fact I was glowing :)

What next? What Can You Do?

To find Emily a match, thousands of ethnically Chinese people need to register to donate stem cells. Obviously, you can make a difference by registering yourself. But this needs to go viral in order to get THOUSANDS of possible donors.

I’ve set up a Facebook page called “I’ve got Chinese Stem Cells“!

The page is an online celebration, dedicated to all the ethnically Chinese people who have registered as stem cell donors.

If you have registered to be a donor, please post up your photo!!

(Photo of your face, your arm, your bandage, your donor card, the waiting room, the donation center sign, your cup of tea, your slice of cake that you ate after! Any picture from your adventure to show you were there.)

Please LIKE the page, upload your photos to the page, and tag “I’ve Got Chinese Stem Cells”

Every time someone posts here, it will add momentum, and spread the word, to help Emily, and others in need in the future.

Spread The Word!

Email, text, or call your best Chinese friends. Send them this blog post or the Facebook page link, and ask them to go with you to register. Get them to register too! And once you are registered, go to a really nice cafe together, and celebrate life and friendship.

And then think about how many ethnically Chinese people in your family, at work, at university, your sports club, social club, church group? Anyone of them could be Emily’s match, and if they are not, then someone they know could be.

Register Here :)

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Polo In The Valley Launch at Tiffany & Co

11 March 2013

To celebrate the launch of Polo in the Valley 2013, Tiffany & Co welcomed an excited crowd of VIP guests in glowing style.

Jeep Polo In The Valley 2013 Launch at Tiffany & Co

With the cobble stone road closed off, the store was lit up, the blue carpet was rolled out, beautiful horses clipped-clopped around the street, and hunky polo players posed next to a Tiffany Blue carriage (!), while greeting guests as they arrived.

It was a lovely treat to have so many interesting and “photographable” features at an event.

Jeep Polo In The Valley 2013 Launch at Tiffany & Co

So while I was being an awesome blogger, taking photos of this and that… one of the organisers walked over to me and said,

“I just want to let you know that Ewan McGregor will be arriving at 7:15pm, and everyone will have an opportunity to take photos over there.” She pointed to a spot, then hurried off to tell other media guests.

“Ewan McGregor?” I blinked.  I didn’t know he was coming. “Why yes. I would much rather take photos of Ewan McGregor, than close ups of this horse’s ass.”

Jeep Polo in the Valley 2013 Launch

Ewan McGregor with Australian actor, Matt Nable, who are both in Perth shooting up-coming thriller film, Son of a Gun.

Sure enough, as the big surprise for all the guests, the Hollywood star arrived – looking absolutely delicious – and was all smiles for the cameras.

Yup, he’s one of my favourite actors and I’m a HUGE FAN of his diverse acting and humanitarian work.

Plus he’s got that ruggedly-handsome Scottish look that I am so hot for (my husband is Scottish, so I can say these things ok?).

I seriously went all fluttery.

Jeep Polo In The Valley 2013 Launch at Tiffany & Co

We were all ushered into the store to listen to the speeches and a very cool announcement.

This year, the Polo in the Valley event is donating up to $100,000 dollars to Youth Focus – a charity that raises public awareness of youth depression and suicide. Amazing!!

Jeep Polo In The Valley 2013 Launch at Tiffany & Co

I trotted around the store, taking photos of the gorgeous Tiffany models dressed in 1920’s style. There was also a string quartet, lots of canapes and free flowing champagne.

I haven’t been in a Tiffany store for quite some time, so I took a peek into the jewellery cabinets and made a mental note to come back when the store wasn’t so crowded.  I also bumped into a few people that I knew, so I had a nice catch up with them too.

As the night drew on, Ewan seemed to make his way around the room, talking to people.

Actually, I think it was more like… Ewan stood in one spot, while the crowd of guests slowly made “an understood queue” that moved at a polite pace, so that everyone was able to have a chat with him, before he suddenly left the building – as all Hollywood stars do.

And of course, I really wanted to get a photo of him and I together!

It was a getting late and I had to leave soon, so I kind of squeezed in quickly and approached him.

I told him how much I enjoyed his work, how I loved Scotland when I went to visit, and how I married a Scottish guy (I left out the bit about me being hot for Scotts) and how he looked like members of my husband’s family haha.

We had a bit of a giggle, we took the photo, I gave him a thank you cuddle, and I hung around a bit as he chatted to other guests. He was so lovely and gracious.

Jeep Polo In The Valley 2013 Launch at Tiffany & Co

Ewan McGregor and me!!

Of course, I had a ZILLION OTHER THINGS I wanted to say to him, regarding his immunisation missions, his motorcycle journeys, lightsabres and his 4 daughters.

But what I really wanted to say to him was…

“Hey I wanted to name my 3rd son after you! But my husband argued that since we already had a ‘Sean’, ‘Ewan’ would be too obvious. So we agreed on a ‘Liam’ instead. Yeah sorry.”

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Emily Needs Stem Cells

8 March 2013

I’d like to introduce you to someone.

This is Emily.

Emily Needs Stem Cells

She is my sister-in-law’s best friend from school. Like me, she is a mum.

This is her son Luke, and he is now five years old.

Emily Needs Stem Cells

Emily has been battling cancer for the last two years. It keeps coming back, which is very bad news, because each time, it has to be treated with even more extreme chemotherapy.

A few weeks ago, it came back for a third time, and as you read this, Emily is in hospital again.

Emily is going to die, unless she can get a transplant of stem cells, and get them quickly. So her doctors have tested everyone in her family as a possible donor. No match.

Then, they have looked in the international registry of stem cell donors, (which is also called a Bone Marrow Donation Registry, because the stem cells are made in your bones, but are collected from your blood.)

There are about 10 million people in the international registry… but there is no match for Emily.

And here is the problem.
Getting a match for a blood transfusion is quite simple.
Getting a match for a kidney or heart is very hard.
But to get a match for stems cells is VERY, VERY, VERY hard.

Something as amazing as stem cells, which can regrow your immune system, require a very close tissue match. Since Emily is ethnically Chinese, her best chance is with an ethnically Chinese or mixed Chinese donor.

But there are VERY FEW ethnically Chinese people who have registered for stem cell donation.

And “apparently” this is because Chinese people have a cultural perception that blood donation is dangerous.

So, Emily is going to die unless a LOT of ethnically East Asian/Chinese people join the Stem Cell/Bone Marrow register in their country, and a match can be found. Her husband will have no wife, and her son will have no mother.

So, how do we get a LOT of people from Team Chinese to quickly register as donors?

My first step, obviously, is to get my ethnically-Chinese ass down to a blood donor station, and say “I want to become a stem cell donor”.

In Australia and Singapore, this happens at any Red Cross Blood Collection Center. I’m going to photograph the whole thing,  to show that becoming a donor is easy and safe. And who knows, maybe I am Emily’s match. Maybe I can save her life, and her family.

But it is apparently a one-in-a-thousand chance that I am Emily’s match.

So I am going to need your help, and a lot of other people’s help.

More soon.

Find out more about Emily on her website or her Facebook Page.

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Eating Healthy: My New Love Affair

6 March 2013

I’ve been following a paleo eating plan for a few months now.

Basically I’ve dropped wheat, rice and diary from my 95% of my diet, and eating more meat and vegetables. That’s about it, really.

Shredded Zucchini

So I wanted to share with you my latest LOVE.

Sliced raw zucchini and cabbage.

I cook a normal evening meal for my family – spaghetti bolognese, stews, casseroles, curries, fish, chicken wings, stir fries, tuna pasta, satays, whatever, and I just substitute the wheat, pasta, rice, potato portion with zucchini and cabbage.

It’s sooOOOoooOOo yummy, especially with curries, stews and chicken soup.

You gotta try it before you judge me!

Because, before you think Karen’s a crazy, health freak, I just want to show you the top-shelf contents of my freezer.





Ice cream in my freezer

This is my other love :)

The other 5% of my diet.

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New Fashion Label: In Good Company

5 March 2013

Sven Tan and Kane Tan, both former designers at internationally successful, Singaporean label Alldressedup, have recently launched their new label, In Good Company.

Rather than follow catwalk trends, the label focuses on delivering affordable, modern classics with a twist and quality basics to fashion lovers. Their direction is understated style, effortless chic, with fluid and feminine shapes.

I was given the pleasure of sampling a few items (that I chose) from their very first capsule. And yes, I was very excited because I have been a huge fan the duo’s past work.

They also have kindly offered my readers a special discount code, so please scroll down for the details.

In Good Company

This is the GAIA Peep Shoulder Dress, described as a “modern approach to the quintessential sundress for the city girl.”

Firstly, I don’t usually wear plain black dresses anymore. Secondly, I don’t usually wear shapeless dresses (with no waist).

But OH MY, I looooved this dress. I felt sexy, effortless, exotic, and like I wasn’t trying too hard and just being myself.

The off-shoulder ruffles and the shoe-string straps make this dress sexy. But it was brilliantly balanced out by the shapeless cut and the light (but robust) material.

This is definitely one of my Top 10 favourite dresses. And I can’t believe how affordable it is.

In Good Company

This is the CHIANTI Strappy Camisole.

Again this top feels effortlessly stylish, with a touch of sexiness and a little twist to the classic camisole (the shoe string straps do a criss-cross at the back). I really liked it.

The material feels deliciously fluid and thick enough to not be see-through. There is a bit of elastic at the back, so it is comfortable and easy to wear. And the neckline is high enough (and sits on your chest nicely) that it won’t “fall open” if you bend over.

I think this top is perfect as part of a working wardrobe, worn with a blazer, tailored pants, or a pencil skirt.

It’s a very nice and luxe basic to own… and will go with lots of things in my wardrobe (formal and casual).

In Good Company

This is the HANNAH Camisole Top, another luxe staple.

Aaah, the fabric of this top is really lovely. It feels like soft, light, silky suede. The shoe-string straps are gorgeously unique. And it really does ooze casual-cool chic.

I paired it with some leather jeans and hehe, I was in fashion outfit heaven – totally effortless, understated and yet so stylish.

I’m so so happy with these items from In Good Company. I’m pinching myself that I get to keep them and have them as part of my everyday wardrobe. Now I’m pouring through the rest of the website (again!) to see if there are any other pieces that might purchase for myself – because I’m a die hard fan now.


The other reason I’ve fallen for this brand…

If you happen to have a stylish little girl in tow, check out In Good Company’s Mini Me Capsule!

In Good Company
(These dresses and tops are the miniature versions of the dresses/tops I tried on!)

One-third of their collections feature both ‘mini-me’ versions of its key looks – for girls aged from 3 to 8 years of age.

Oh how I wish I had a girl!!


In Good Company have kindly offered all my readers $10 OFF the cost of shipping. Please use the code “fashion&life” in the discount code box at the checkout.

Do check out the rest of their collection!

They also sell shoes, accessories and special edition accessories born from artist and designer collaborations. Prices start from $89 for tops, $89 for shorts, $109 for pants, $179 for dresses and $39 for accessories.

(By the way, for sizing… I’m wearing the size XS for all garments and I’m usually a size AUS6/UK6.)

Happy shopping!

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I’m thankful they can’t play with fire crackers

4 March 2013

Chinese New year is a big event in my family’s calendar. I have a huge extended family here in Perth and we like to gather and have big Chinese dinners.

We usually gather at my grandmother’s house. We set up 3 banquet tables in the backyard. The barbeque is fired up, full of sizzling satays. The kids run around on the grass. The aunties gossip. The teenagers try to drink beer. Everyone gets bitten by mosquitoes.

After dinner, after the sun sets, the children always get to play with sparklers… and this year, someone bought 10 packets (or some huge amount) for them to use.

CNY 2013 Sparklers

There were about 8 little children (including my 3 kids) going crazy with the sparklers.

I lined them up and asked them to write 2013. Big fail.

CNY 2013 Sparklers

Then I asked them to spell something for me. Like “Happy”

Another big fail.

CNY 2013 Sparklers

Then this was my 7yo and 9yo being super clever and creative. One boy was standing in the middle drawing circles to light up his face, while the second boy ran around him, trying to light up his body.

I love the way you can’t see my second boy (who was running)!

The photo turned out looking so eerie and beautiful!

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6 Ways to Wear WHITE (from LOEF)

2 March 2013

The lovely team from online boutique, LOEF, gave me the opportunity to pick out a few items from their new collection to feature on my blog.

I chose some good looking WHITE items, that would freshen up anyone’s existing wardrobe.

Clothes from LOEF

1) Simple lace dress.

This dress is a fantastic little, lace dress… especially for its price.

It’s made from a thick cotton jersey, with a layer of crochet-lace over the top. Because the material is slightly thick, it feels very secure, comfortable and stretchy. So it’s easy to move around in, sit down in and it doesn’t feel tight or restricting.

It is slightly padded at the bust and is slightly elasticised at the back – so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off you if you breathe in!

For a very casual weekend look, you can throw over a denim shirt, wear a straw hat and some tan sandals. Or as I have in the photos, wear it plain, but glammed up with a faux fur coat and statement shoes.

Or team it with some colourful accessories for a fun party look.

Clothes from LOEF

2) The White Blazer

This is definitely a must-have item for a modern working girl’s wardrobe. It just smartens up a colourful dress, coloured or patterned pants, or lifts an all-black outfit.

You might have noticed that I wear my white blazer very often – like, here, here and here.

You can buy gorgeous white blazers for $150+, but I have been trying to find one priced $50 – $100 to share on my blog. I have tested 4-5 in that price range (from different online sources), but their quality were bad. They felt very cheap, they were see through, or the fabric was linen-like and really rough on the skin, or the stitching was very poor.

THIS Suede Cotton Blazer is brilliant for SG$36! It is a simple and classic design. It feels lovely and light. It is properly lined, lightly padded at the shoulder. And its fabric and make, has more quality than its price suggests.

The sleeves were a little bit long for me, but I rolled it up twice for the photos above and it still looked great.

Note: I now have 3 white blazers. One waterfall-front blazer from Korea, one classic tuxedo blazer from Bardot and now this LOEF one!

Clothes from LOEF

3) Chiffon Waterfall Jacket

This is listed as a Chiffon Blazer, but I think it’s more of a “jacket” or a “chiffon cardigan”.

I think it’s a great little jacket that works well as office wear. Thrown over a shift dress, or a pencil skirt and blouse… it keeps the air conditioning chill off your shoulders and it looks smart and professional (much more than a woolly cardigan).

But I also think it works for casual outfits too, worn over a sun dress, or jeans and a tank top, or your swimwear.

LOEF stocks clothes with a “low and affordable” price point. I won’t say “cheap” because the quality of some of their clothes is actually really good (especially their LOEF Label items) and match the standards of regular high-street stores like Zara, H&M, Forever21.

I can’t vouch for the quality of ALL their stock items, but these items that I have tested and chosen to feature, are excellent for their price. And I will definitely be happy to wear them, mixed up with my high end, high street and vintage/thrifted stuff.

Enjoy your shopping!


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