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Wearing Yellow at a Chinese New Year Ball

15 February 2013

So, I’m going to wear a canary yellow dress to a Chinese New Year Ball on Saturday night.

Why am I going against the obvious RED theme?


Last year, I decided to try and raise some funds for cancer research. I took up bike riding, and I (and about a thousand other people) rode 200km. Together, we raised a whopping $4.6 million dollars, and I raised about $16,000 of that.

Now, when I say “I”, obviously, I actually mean WE. “We” being all the incredibly generous people who actually donated the money “I” raised.

Well, the whole thing was such an amazing experience that I’m going to do it again!

Cycling! Training! And yes, fundraising.

That’s right, I am riding in the 2013 Ride To Conquer Cancer, and here I am, deeply moved once again and aspiring to do more.

I want to raise even MORE money this year, and I have been doing a bit of thinking about how.

A few weeks ago, I asked for some help from a local Chinese association, because that’s what you have to do… ask for help. And they said YES.

So, my Ride To Conquer Cancer Ride for 2013 – the Year of the Snake – will be the official charity cause of the Chinese New Year Ball on Saturday night at Crown Casino in Perth. A Director of the West Australian Institute for Medical Research, and I, will be asking 450 people to donate money to the cause.

There will be lion dances, singers from China, a “Miss Chinese” Beauty Pageant and a whole lot of other stuff celebrating Chinese culture.

There is only one problem with this. Asking for help means that I will have to stand up on a stage in front of 450 people, make a speech, and ask them for their help. For money. Eeeek.

Did I ever tell you that I am terrified of speaking in public? That I am painfully shy? That I can’t speak English – far less Chinese – when people I don’t know are looking at me?

Suddenly, riding 200km seems easy.



…if you want help, you have to ask for it.

And as part of asking for help, I’ll be wearing YELLOW, which is pretty much the official colour for asking people to donate money to cancer research :)

So… that’s why I will be wearing a yellow dress to a Chinese New Year Ball.

Wish me luck!