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Il Cielo Ristorante & Caffe

8 February 2013

Last week, I was invited to dine at Il Cielo Ristorante & Caffe, a modern Italian restaurant in the leafy southern suburbs of Bullcreek.

After first opening their doors in the middle of last year, they have now launched their new menu and prices for 2013 – and my husband and I had the pleasure of ordering a 3 course dinner, courtesy of the owners.

My husband is always a reluctant participant in my food blogging assignments. He always complains that by the time I finish taking photos of the dish, his food is cold haha!

Well I promised to take faster photos, so I dragged him along and he was a good sport :)

Il Cielo, Bullcreek

Il Cielo (pronounced il chee-ello) is situated amongst a group of shops in Parry Place, Bullcreek.

It’s a sizeable restaurant that sits upstairs, above the other shops and cafes, hence the meaning of its name “The Sky”.

Il Cielo, Bullcreek

It was certainly not what I expected at for an inner suburban restaurant. It was large and spacious, it had carpeted floors, cushioned chairs, nice curtains to dampen all the restaurant noises… and it had a “fine dining” feel to it.

However we got the impression that it wasn’t trying to be too stuffy and upmarket because there was a sign outside announcing a “3 Course Set Lunch Menu for only $10”!

Il Cielo, Bullcreek
Bruschetta Funghi – Mushroom Parmesan Bruschetta – $13

For his entrée, my husband ordered the Bruschetta Funghi and it was delicious.  The earthy flavours of the mushrooms mixed with the parmesan, herbs and paprika was just lovely.

It was presented very well and the portion size was pretty large.

I would have been happy to eat *just this* for my lunch!

Il Cielo, Bullcreek
Cozze Piccanti – Chilli Mussels with 2 pieces of garlic bread – $28

Then came my entrée – a bowl of Chilli Mussels – and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. This is my entrée?? It was HUGE.

And because my husband is allergic to shellfish… I had to eat it all by myself.

Il Cielo, Bullcreek

I was a bit embarrassed by the size of it.

However, it was fantastic.

The sauce was so flavoursome and tasty… and it had just the right saltiness.

And to add to that, the bread was very yummy. It was like a big, crunchy, buttery, garlic crouton (that was slightly soft in the centre) and simply amazing to dip into that salty, tomato, chilli, mussel sauce. YUM.

Unfortunately I had to leave 1/3 of the mussels and sauce behind. I felt really bad. I don’t like to waste food.

If it was my house, I would have savoured every last drop of that sauce and licked the bowl clean.

Il Cielo, Bullcreek
Bucatini All’Antonini, Hollowed center pasta, calamari and salami with creamy tomato sauce (Signature dish) – $23

A little later, my mains arrived. It was the Bucatini All’Antonini, their signature dish, a mix of calamari and salami.

It was a good sized portion, but after my epic chilli mussels, I felt a bit faint.

In terms of taste, this dish was creamy, fresh and full of flavour.

Calamari? Salami? In one dish? Oh my, it was the best combo ever.

My only minor note was that… usually when cooked, calamari is shaped as a thin circle. But in this dish, the calamari was roughly chopped, so it curled up and looked just like the pasta. It still tasted nice, but there were moments when I wasn’t sure if I had pasta or calamari on my fork.

However, I appreciated that this was their signature dish and that this recipe is based on traditional cuisine derived from Rome, with Napoli heritage.

So yeah, um it’s definitely got more Italian cred than I do.

Il Cielo, Bullcreek

Filetto Di Manzo, Porterhouse Steak served with French Green Beans, Blistered Tomato, Creamy Mash Potatoes and Red wine Jus – $38

My husband ordered the Porterhouse Steak. And he really enjoyed it.

He loved the flavours, presentation and everything about it. He even applauded how the tomatoes were cooked haha.

Personally, I like my meat cooked “rare”. Soft and squishy, still mooing thanks. But my husband likes his steaks “medium” … so unfortunately I can’t give a fair opinion of the meat, because I just don’t enjoy medium-done steaks :P

(I should have made him change his order to a fish dish, hmph. And at least it was still hot after I photographed it!)

Il Cielo, Bullcreek
Home-made Tiramisu, Cappuccino Ice cream, strawberry – $12

Lastly, I chose the Homemade Tiramisu and it was goooood. It was so soft, moist, light and fresh. The sponge was perfectly soaked in coffee and it was just wonderful to eat.

And you know what? My husband doesn’t eat sugar, so I ate ALL OF IT!

Yes, even after I ate the bruschetta, mussels and pasta.

I have a magical spot in my tummy reserved just for dessert. Doesn’t everyone?

My husband and I had a lovely time. The atmosphere was great, the portions were good, prices were fine, and the food was tasty.

The next time we come here, I think we would just order 1 entrée to share, 2 mains and 1 dessert (for me to eat all by myself).

I would definitely take my parents and family here for a nice homey Italian meal.

Il Cielo Ristorante & Caffe
Shop 9, 110 Parry Avenue,
Bull Creek, WA.
T: (08) 9332 7779

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