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Current/Elliot Jeans, Diva Jewellery and My Honeybees Thongs

25 January 2013

It’s Friday and I’m very excited about sharing some new bits and pieces I have!


I bought some Current/Elliott Red, Skinny Snakeskin jeans. Ahh I love them so much. They are just the right mix of effortless rock and roll statement, bold colour, with a cool pattern that I am drawn to :)

They are insanely comfortable, and soooo soft and stretchy in all the right places. I could slip them on in the morning, wear them all day, lounge around on the couch in the evening, then slip them off at night, so I can have a shower before bed. In fact I did that for 2 days straight (I know, it’s a bit gross)… and I would have gone longer still, but the weather got too hot for wearing jeans during the day :P

I’m wearing a size 25 and they fit perfectly around my thighs. I do have to wear a belt, to make sure that they don’t ride too low and show off my daggy knickers. But I prefer to wear belts with my jeans anyway, so no loss there. Or maybe I should just wear nicer knickers? Maybe not.

I’m now lusting after another Current/Elliott pair from Shopbop, namely the “Stiletto Jeans” which are still on sale!!


My 7 year old son made a colourful, wooden, bead bracelet for me. I’m showing it off in the photo above.

Basically he got really bored one day, so he decided to – secretly – crack open my craft box. He strung together a pretty little gift for me, wrapped it up and made a card. No occasion. Just because! What a sweetie!

I’ve been trying to wear it with the rest of my arm swag whenever I go out. And it looks so cute!


Look at this jewellery haul!

The other day, I walked into a Diva shop and discovered that they were having a closing down sale – where everything was selling for $8, $6 or $4. Bargains galore!

(Top) Turquoise and gold spike necklace was $30, but I got it for $8.
(Bottom Right) Statement Diamante Necklace was $35, now $8. Diamante Ring was $15, now $6. Rhinestone earrings were $10, now $4.

Now the other two items, were not from Diva.
(Bottom left) Stunning choker by Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa – on sale!
(Also bottom left) Yellow flower earrings from Pigeonhole.


Lastly I was given a pair of these cute thongs from My Honeybees.

They are a company striving to raise awareness of the Australian honeybees, while selling these stylish thongs. For every pair they sell, they donate $2 towards research into keeping bee populations happy and healthy.

They have lots of pretty and vibrant colours to choose from – including aqua, lilac, hot pink, lime and champagne. I like them a lot!

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope you have wonderful weekend!


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