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I’m the meanest mum in the world

19 January 2013

My mother always told me a story… about how her family was so poor that they couldn’t afford toys.

How she and her sisters would bundle up an old towel and pretend it was a baby. How sticks would become dolls. How they played with old tin cans, bits of rope and rocks.

She often tells that story with much fondness.

And that’s what came to mind when my 3 year old showed me this…

Liam's iphone

He made himself a paper iphone.

Yeah he had to MAKE ONE, because I refuse to buy my children ipods, iphones or ipads.

Haha aren’t I the meanest mum in the world? *cackles*

Anyway, this activity was picked up by my older two children. They began to “upgrade” Liam’s phone, by sticky taping other pages on top of the paper iphone to represent the different apps – games, maps, notes etc. In the end it even came with a stylus!

Ah it was so clever. And creative!

I was secretly so proud.

And I wondered if they would ever look back at this and have the same kind of nostalgic fondness.