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A Few Of My Favourite Things

14 January 2013

On the weekend I managed to catch up on a few of my loves :)

Atomic Coffee

Cycling. I rode 40kms, mostly along the river. Then I stopped to have a 1 hour coffee chat with friends.

It was 7:30am in the morning and the cafe was bustling with breakfast orders… the smells from the kitchen were amazing.

I was very temped to order a bacon, mushroom, sausage and egg fry-up for myself, but haha I would be SO FULL… that I wouldn’t be able to ride home! I would have to take a nap, curled up, under a tree somewhere haha!

Game of Thrones

Reading. I friend of mine recommended this book to me. I’ve heard of it (years ago), but I’ve never picked it up til now.

I love it! I can’t put it down.It’s been a while since I’ve immersed myself in some awesome fiction.

Now I’m looking forward to watching the TV series.

Bok Choy Wilting

Gardening. My neighbour gave me a box full of Asian vegetable seedlings.

I’m actually not sure what they are. Bok choy? Choy sum? Nonetheless, I was so pleased to start up a new vege patch.

I transferred them into an old wine barrel… and I forgot to water them. The next day, they all wilted, and I only managed to save 50% of them. Ooops!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! :)