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Swimming With The Elephants

7 January 2013

During our family holiday down in the Great Southern Region of WA, we visited a beeeeautiful beach called Greens Pool.

The colours were just amazing!

Denmark WA 2012 - Greens Pool

It’s a sheltered beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand, making it perfect for families with children.

The water was a bit cold though, being the Southern Ocean and all.

However, this particular day was 42C, so dipping in the cool water was a refreshing relief.

Denmark WA 2012 - Greens Pool

Locals say that while you’re at Greens Pool, the “thing you have to do” is to jump off the rock in the middle of the bay (into the icy water).

My 3.5 year old, who has inherited my aversion to cold water, refused to swim with us and climb on the rocks in the water.

So we made him a “rock” on the beach for him to jump off. As you can see from this picture, he ain’t no ballerina.

Denmark WA 2012

A little later we all walked east, skipping over the huge rocks, to another little cove.

Denmark WA 2012 - Elephant Rocks

This place was called Elephant Rocks. Yes, because if you have the gift of imagination (unlike my three annoyed children), there are a bunch of rocks here that look like a herd of elephants. (To see a larger photo, you can click on the picture above.)

The place was so pretty. It looked so much like the tropical waters of South East Asia.

It was very shallow, so we waded far out into the bay. I took my two big boys for a swim out and around the large rocks. The water was so clear. We saw lots of fish and our feet were tickled by weird looking seaweed.

It was just gorgeous! It reminded me of my scuba diving adventures many years ago, and it made me hanker for some awesome snorkeling.