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Like Swimming in Chinese Tea

3 January 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic start to the new year, we certainly had a memorable and relaxing few weeks.

Our family took a trip to the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. We visited towns such as Bridgetown, Pemberton, Walpole, Denmark. It’s a region best known for its beautiful forests, beaches and overall stunning views.

While we were in Denmark (about 5 hours drive from Perth), we stayed with friends on their family farm. They spent a few days showing us all the best local spots to visit and omg I had *such* an incredible time!


Frankland River, WA

This is the Frankland River – quite possibly the most beautiful river I have ever seen. How insanely gorgeous is that view?!

Our friends have a boat and both our families took a cruise up the river. We putted along for 30 minutes until we reached this little jetty, where we stopped for a picnic and swim.

And the view of our cruise was pretty much just like in that picture above, the whole way through – breathtaking!

Frankland River, WA
The swim was also quite an experience. The water was very clean, but strangely dark brown in colour. The colour comes from the trees in the water… so it’s a bit like swimming in thick black Chinese tea. I quietly hoped that the colour didn’t stain my skin, because I didn’t want to come out looking like a tandoori chicken.

The water had thermoclines (layers of water at different temperatures) and as I swam through the river, the water near my neck was like a warm bath and the water at my feet was icy cold.  It was a very unusual and stimulating  sensation!

We also did a bit of “fun fishing” with the kids. We used overcooked steak as our bait (haha!), to ensure that we didn’t actually catch any fish.

Frankland River, WA

This is me, absolutely loving the boat ride! And this is Liam (my 3.5yo), not too crazy about wearing a life jacket.

At the very end, while we were cruising home, we bumped into some people who were paddling along in hired kayaks. I watched them glide quietly over the still, mirrored waters. Oh my it looked heavenly.

I promised myself that – one day in the future – we’ll take our kids kayaking and camping here. I’m looking forward to coming back already.