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Nikon S800C – A compact camera with wifi!

2 January 2013

I had the pleasure of testing out the brand new Nikon S800C camera for few weeks.

It is the first compact camera to be built with an android platform, meaning that you can connect it to your wifi and instantly share your photos and videos across your social media networks.

Nikon S800C

I’m delighted by how slim it is. It is practically the same size as my smartphone (iphone 4S) but it’s just a bit thicker in the body. And this is fabulous for me, as it fits nicely into my handbag – to make room for all my other girl stuff.

As a compact camera, it is just like a standard Nikon Coolpix. Easy to use, full of auto functions, auto focus, zoom, good for low light situations, and it takes a nice clean hi-res photo.

It’s a great camera for just pointing and shooting.

It definitely takes better photos than my smartphone. Especially when trying to shoot in places with low lighting, like restaurants and bars. So hey, you can look forward to seeing sharper photos of my drunken dancing in bars on Facebook haha! Ok maybe not.

It also zooms into the frame much better, and takes a clearer photo than my smartphone.

Nikon S800C

When you switch modes from “Camera Mode” to the “Home Menu“, you can connect to your wifi and connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can even install your favourite apps, photo filters, music, games, manage your files, etc etc. It’s pretty nifty. Just like an Android smartphone.

However, if you’re out and about the camera can’t *directly* connect to the internet, so you still have to find a wifi source, or use your smartphone to act as a hotspot.

Some of the features are not quite integrated yet. For example if you are in Twitter and you want to Tweet a photo, it doesn’t automatically activate the camera. You have to switch the mode to “Shooting Mode”, then take a photo, and then go back to “Home Mode”, go to the Twitter app, then upload the photo.

It was a bit clunky at first, but in a way, when I thought about it, that’s how I use my smartphone.

I prefer to take a whole heap of photos on my smartphone, carefully review all my photos, select the best one, spend some time doing a bit of cropping and brightening, THEN I upload it.

So really, I found it quite normal and have accepted that I’M THE ONE who is a bit clunky :)

Overall, it’s a good little compact camera with handy connectivity features.

I’m a little sad to say goodbye to it (it was a demo loan model), because I would have loved to take it on holiday with me!