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Cycling Like a Normal Person

27 December 2012

Cycling like a normal person

This morning I woke up early in the morning and took my 3yo out for a little bike ride to the river.

I rode on my old, rusty, 20kg mountain bike, with a 13kg kid sitting in the child seat. I wore my old Converse Chucks, dirty black skinny jeans and I carried a backpack full of preschooler snacks and bottled water.

I looked like a normal person on a bike, with a kid.

But 20 minutes of THIS KIND OF CYCLING – holy crap I almost freaking DIED FROM PAIN!!!

The bike was so heavy, my muscles were screaming in pain, my heart rate was off the charts, and I almost fainted from dizziness!

To think that (only 12 weeks ago!) I used to cycle 100km distances in ONE MORNING!! And still have enough energy for the rest of the day to go for a short run, maybe a swim at the beach, do some gardening, manage the children, and then cook and host an entire dinner party!


I hope to be back on my bike in the new year and start getting fitter again!

(Oh and there’s a lot to be said for carbon frame road bikes people.)