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Tis The Season For Stupid Cake

24 December 2012

I hosted a modest dinner party at my place for Christmas Eve.

It was such a pleasure to make so much fancy food, to decorate the house, to decorate the table setting and to get my children involved.

Christmas 2012

While I was painstakingly preparing the Christmas ham, my 3 year old walked up to it and called it a “Stupid Cake”!!!

Haha it made me laugh so much.

I took a step back and realised that, yes, it does look rather stupid.

However, it tasted MAGNIFICENT!!

Christmas 2012

I also made Yorkshire pudding, with the turkey drippings, and we ate it with hot gravy. OMG it tasted freaking divine!!!

For those who haven’t tasted them before, they are like pancake muffins – a bit cakey and doughy on the inside, but sizzling and crispy (in a buttery way) on the outside. Perfect to eat with meat and gravy.

My mother used to make these all the time with her roast beef dinners, and this was the first time I made it. I’ll post up the recipe at a later date.

Christmas 2012

This was the whole Christmas spread!

We had a Christmas ham, roast turkey, Yorkshire pudding, prawns, roast potato and pumpkin, and a leafy green salad, a fancy coleslaw and char-grilled asparagus + broccoli + green beans.

Christmas 2012

My father-in-law got my 9yo and 7yo to help him make his traditional Christmas pudding from scratch.

He used suet (raw beef fat) instead of butter, mixed with sultanas, raisins, currents, mixed peel, flour etc… and boiled it for 8 hours. The result was amazing. Usually I haaaaaate fruit cake, or anything with cooked sultanas (bleh!) but this was soooooo goood. The sugars in the dried fruit mellowed out and it was like eating a sweet and mild merlot. Mmmm delicious.

The highlight for everyone was when we set the pudding on fire!

My father-in-law warmed up a tablespoon of brandy over a candle flame, then as he poured the hot brandy over the pudding, one of my children lit a match and set the brandy on fire. The whole top of the pudding caught on fire and was covered with with beautiful blue flame that burned for a few seconds.

It was mesmerising and so lovely to watch. We did it quite a few times, because the kids were really bad at lighting the matches – but we had to stop because we ran out of brandy haha!

Christmas 2012

Anyway, I really hope that you all have a wonderful and special Christmas, surrounded by family and loved ones!!