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What are you wearing for Christmas?

21 December 2012

A few weeks ago, I picked out two dresses to wear to my Christmas and New Year celebrations.

These are from Beauties Closet, an online shop specialising in popular fashion styles from Korea.

I reviewed this online shop a few months ago in this blog post, and I share a few tips on Korean fashion and the best ways to shop on the site.

I also have a special 15% off discount code for all my readers that will help out with the shipping cost. Scroll below for details.

Anyway, here are the dresses. They are so pretty!

Christmas Dresses from Beauties Closet

This Sequin Feminine Dress is really adorable. In real life, wearing the dress to a candlelit dinner party, surrounded by sparkling fairy lights, I seriously felt like a twinkly angel.

It is a well made, nicely tailored dress, but I have to admit, the sequins are a little delicate. And yeah ok it’s a little pricey too, but I would definitely wear it more than once.

However, considering that most people would buy a $160 dress from a department store to wear to an event, this price is not far off, for a dress that’s a little bit different.

It’s a pretty, floaty dress, great for spring and summer.

I’d wear it to dinner parties, outdoor summer evening events, a day and night wedding reception etc etc.

Christmas Dresses from Beauties Closet

This Elbow Sleeves Lace Dress is romantic and a true classic.

Yes the dress style is quite common, but what I like about this dress is that the material is soft and stretchy. There is no zip, I just slip it on and it fits wonderfully. It’s always really nice to wear such a simple dress, because I feel so comfortable in it. It doesn’t ride up when I walk, or create static, or scrunch when I sit, or scratch my skin and make me itchy.

The dress comes in a black or white… and the styling possibilities are endless.

I have worn nude shoes, with black crystal earrings and a watermelon clutch to add a bit of colour and contrast. But you can wear the dress with bright blues, or yellows, or reds. It’s a nice way to show off your statement accessories, or your brightly coloured trench coat or your classic leather tote.

Again, this is a lovely dress that I’m very happy to add to my wardrobe. I love my Korean fashion! (Hmm, I’m tempted to get the black one now…)

*Special Discount Code*

Use the code “BCKC15″ at the checkout to receive 15% OFF your order. This offer starts 21 December and will end on 31 December 2012, 11:59 GMT8+.

And if you’d like to keep up to date with new arrivals, check out the Beauties Closet Facebook Page.

Have a fun shopping!

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