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Going Paleo and Eating Like a Caveman

17 December 2012

I get lots of emails from people asking me about “how do I stay in shape?” and “what do I eat everyday?”… so I thought I’d share a bit about what and how I eat.

These past few months I’ve changed what I eat – and it’s been absolutely incredible for me.

My eating is based on the “Paleolithic Diet”, which suggests that we should be eating like our ancestors before the agricultural revolution. Basically we should be eating like cavemen.

There’s a whole science, chemistry, research, and a crazy community of die hard fans out there… and if you’re interested, here’s a bit of information from some Expert Paleo Dude.

But me? I’m not extreme about it. My eating is loosely based on it. It just means that I’m eating lots of vegetables, lots of meat and eggs, nuts, seeds, and fruit. That’s about it.

No dairy, no wheat, no oats, no rice.

When I mention this, everyone flips out and thinks I’m mad!

But I’m finding it really easy to do. So I don’t *feel* like I’m a crazed health nut. It just feels simple, no fuss, and no big deal to drop those ingredients from my diet.

I think I stick to this way of eating about 90% of the time now.

My digestion has improved, I’m feeling so much better without gluten in my system, my tummy feels less bloated without the diary, I still have lots of energy, I don’t have any cravings for cakes/muffins/sweets/desserts, I feel really healthy and lean, plus I still love eating and cooking yummy food.

My only exceptions are that I eat chocolate or ice cream (sometimes both) when I’m feeling shitty and hormonal. I drink coffee and tea everyday. I eat sushi once a week with my girlfriends. And I have protein powder added to my fruit smoothies (made with almond milk).

I’m not strict or socially painful with this way of eating. If I’m at a dinner party, or if I’m out in a restaurant with friends, or if someone else is hosting lunch… I won’t refuse food, or bring my own meal, or insist that they cook something special for my “dietary requirements”. I’ll happily eat a pasta salad and a slice of home made chocolate cake!

So here’s an idea of what I eat.

Paleo Diet Meal

My breakfast usually looks like this.

2 egg whites, a handful of spinach leaves and smoked salmon.

Or egg whites, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Or egg whites, spring onions and chives.

Paleo Diet Meal

I love Snacking

Most times I eat fruit and nuts. I love blueberries. I love almonds and pistachios.

I also like munching on raw green beans. And lightly steamed broccoli. Haha yes I love snacking on broccoli!

I fill my pantry up with lots of nuts and seeds to snack on.

Paleo Diet Meal

Lunch is a really simple and yummy formula. Salad + some kind of meat.

Usually it’s a can of tuna and lots of salad.

Or a slice of chicken breast and salad.

Sometimes I buy in bulk a large packet of frozen fresh salmon, and I slowly let it defrost in the back of my fridge throughout the week. Each day I knock a bit off the frozen chunk and throw it into a pan for lunch. Its’ amazing :)

In fact, my mouth waters every time I think about pan-fried salmon and I can’t wait for lunch to come around again haha.

Paleo Diet Meal

My dinner formula should really be simple, just like my lunch formula.

But dinner is a bit tricker for me, because I have to cook for my whole family, and I usually have to cook something that my kids like to eat. Plus I like to sit down with them and look like I’m eating the same food as them (but that’s just me).

So by the time it’s dinner time (6pm) I’m soooooooooo freaking hungry that I just scoff down whatever I cooked for everyone’s dinner. And if it happened to be lasagne, then oops I just ate some wheat and cheese.

Usually I eat a variation of what I cooked for my family’s dinner.

So if I cook spaghetti bolognaise, then I’ll eat the meat sauce with vegetables (pictured above!).

If I cook a stir fry, I simply don’t eat the rice or noodles.

If I cook roast meat and vegetables, I just leave out the potatoes.

If I cook a casserole or curry, I just don’t eat the pasta/rice portion. I just swap it for veges.

If I cook pizza, well, I just cave in and eat 1 slice of pizza with my salad – because heck, I make awesome bacon pizzas.

In fact, over the last few weeks, I’ve been serving up less portions of pasta/rice/bread and more side vegetables for my family…. muahaha soon they will be eating like me!


(Then again, with my 3 feral children, we’re almost there…)