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New Undies Are The Perfect Gift!

14 December 2012

This Christmas, one of my favourite online boutiques has partnered with a wonderful UK charity Smalls For All to donate Christmas gifts to women in Africa that many of us take for granted – UNDERWEAR!

Birdsnest is helping this cause by offering a special new “lucky dip” Surprise Gift worth $29.95.

For each gift purchased, Birdsnest will donate 3 new pairs of knickers to Smalls For All.

Their target is 10,000 pairs of knickers! And I was wondering if you would like to help?

Buy a Birdsnest Surprise Gift here.

The cute and fun thing about this gift, is that it is a complete surprise. Each gift is categorised by the kind of fashion “personality” that you or your girlfriend/sister/mother/aunty are. And you get to choose from:
– Classic Woman
– Party Mood
– Corporate Girl
– Yummy Mummy
– Designer Attitude
– Study Girl
– Naturally Active

I managed to get my hands on TWO Surprise Gift packs.

For the first gift, I chose “Classic Woman” and this is what I received in the mail a few days later.

Birdsnest Smalls For All

Each gift is wrapped and presented beautifully!

Birdsnest Smalls For All

I got a lovely scarf. It’s so pretty! It’s the perfect colour for my wardrobe of classic blacks, whites, camels and stripes. It will definitely get a lot of wear.

Birsdnest Smalls For All

Secondly I chose “Party Mood“.

Birsdnest Smalls For All

And this is what I received! How gorgeous is that colour? It has already found its way to my nails. I love Butter colours!

But of course, you might be getting something different, or maybe the same? Who knows, because it’s a surprise!

These gift packs are such a lovely idea for a Christmas gift – knowing that you’re giving a little bit to charity at the same time.

You can find out more about the Birdsnest X Smalls For All collaboration here.

Or head on over to the Birdsnest site to order a Surprise Gift here.

Happy shopping :)

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