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Getting Ready for Christmas!

11 December 2012

Over the weekend, I decided to distract the children (and myself) by setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house for the festive season.

However, the truth is, the kids woke me up at 5:30am one morning and they were driving me crazy so I said, RIGHT! WE’RE SETTING UP THE TREE RIGHT NOW AND ANYONE WHO DOESN’T BEHAVE NICELY HAS TO SIT OUTSIDE AND MISS OUT! HA!

As a result, they were angels.

Christmas Decorations 2012

Every year we give our Christmas Tree a “colour scheme”… this is because I am anal about having a nice looking Christmas Tree.

And this year the colours were decided by my 3.5 year old – pink and blue – his favourite colours.

Christmas Decorations 2012

I printed out some vintage Christmas bunting shapes to hang around our house.

The kids cut them out and sticky taped them to a piece of string (after I arranged them by colour and spaced them out equally). I also had to glu-tack them to the wall so that they sat flat.

I downloaded the decorations from here!

Christmas Decorations 2012

We got Mr Reindeer out of his box, set him up on my vintage table with some driftwood, gumtree branches and mirrored glass stars.

I also have some lovely Christmas table cloths (that my mother bought for me in Belgium!).

Christmas Decorations 2012

Each year I have bought something new to add to my Christmas decoration collection… hoping to create some new traditions for my children.

This year I found a cute wooden Christmas tree with 30 tiny Christmas characters (from Bed, Bath and Table) – it’s sooo cute! And this year I let my 2nd boy set it up, because my 1st boy got to hang the star on top of the tree.

By the way, I was hoping to find a beautiful wooden nativity scene too, but I couldn’t seem to find one. (Do you have a nice one, and where did you buy it?) I guess I’ll have to wait until next Christmas for it!