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Hello Yellow!

10 December 2012

There’s nothing like slipping on a BRIGHT YELLOW dress to cheer yourself up :)

To start the week of Christmas parties, I received this fabulous dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion.

Dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion

It’s a strapless peplum dress, with origami kind of folds.

It fits me perfectly, it’s easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and most of all I feel great in it :)

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So whenever I wear colourful accessories, I don’t like to be TOO MATCHY-MATCHY.

I think TWO matching accessories is the most you should put together in any one outfit. For example, you can match your earrings and shoes. Or belt and shoes. Or earrings and clutch.

But DON’T try to match your earrings, bag, belt AND shoes! It just looks like you’re 12 :)

Dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion

Clutch from Kookai
Watch by Guess
Leather and stud wrap by Wanderlust + Co
Bangles from Sportsgirl
Shoes by Gorge

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