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Liam’s First Christmas Concert

9 December 2012

Despite the rough couple of weeks we’ve had as a family, life has to go on.

So in the midst of all the funeral preparations… my 3.5 year old had his first Pre-Kindergarten Christmas Concert.

The event was held outdoors at the Kindergarten, in the playground, under the trees, in the late afternoon, just before sunset.

Kindy Xmas 2012

Ahhh it was so beautiful, with the pinkish sunlight caught in the trees, casting a golden glow over everyone, I couldn’t help but tear up.

The event was full of happy families sitting on rugs, lots of smiling children, big swaying trees… and the outdoor clearing was surrounded by playground equipment, a chicken coop, cockatoos, budgies and rabbits! It was really lovely.

The theme of the concert was an “Aussie Outback Christmas”.

Liam played the part of a swag man. He had a hat strung with corks and a checkered shirt. He was sooooo cute.

There were other kids dressed up as kangaroos, cockatoos, gumnut babies, jars of Vegemites, angels, and there was a Santa Claus in a hawaiian shirt driving a cardboard Holden Ute. They all sung various Christmas songs and they all had a lot of fun.

Liam Dec 2012

After the concert, Liam ran up to us to present us with a pillow that he made.

He painted a picture of himself and a cat! (We don’t have a cat, but he loves cats!)

We stayed for a shared picnic (everyone brought a plate of food to share), then sat on our picnic rug to enjoy some family time together.

The whole event was so homey, warm, accepting and loving.

There was such a lovely atmosphere in the air… that I just wanted to sit quietly, slowly soak up all the goodness into my bones… and to remember how precious life is.