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Styling the Miss Versatility Strand

5 December 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote about being involved in a special blogging project, where I had the pleasure of road testing a string of pearls from Kailis Jewellery.

The pearls are called the Miss Versatility Strand. It is a long, single-strand pearl necklace designed so that you can detach sections of pearls to create different lengths of necklaces, as well as a small bracelet. You can read more about them in my blog post here!

So yes, for a few weeks, I got to take home and wear some *exquisite and luxurious jewellery* whenever I wanted – it was very special!

Outfits with the Kailis Miss Versatility Strand

Anyway, these are some outfits I wore with the pearls.

I went out to a party with my husband and I wore a simple lace dress with a white blazer. I wanted to highlight the pearls on my neck so I  chose a strapless dress. The pearls looked and felt amazing on my bare skin :) On this occasion, I wore the Miss Versatility Strand in its long “Matinee” length and matching pearl earrings.

Outfits with the Kailis Miss Versatility Strand

On the left, I wore my magenta ruffle dress, which was a very fun, colourful, flirty style of dress. It also had a deep V neckline, so I wore the Strand in its longer “Matinee” length. It went really well with my outfit.

On the right, I wore the strand as a shorter “Collier” length necklace and bracelet with my navy one-shoulder drape dress. I didn’t think I could wear a one-shoulder dress with a short string of pearls, but it looked great!

Outfits with the Kailis Miss Versatility Strand

I also wore the pearls with smart casual outfits. These two times I wore the strand as the short “Collier”necklace.

On the left, I just wore denim shirt, white jeans and leopard heels. I loved wearing this combination – I felt fab :)  And on the right, I wore a printed silk top and bright red pants.

This is ‘smart casual’ with some ‘special’ on top.

So this is what I learned about wearing the Miss Versatility Strand:

1) Pearls are so easy and effortless. No need to think about what jewellery to wear. No need to agonise whether I should try this necklace or that necklace… will they go with this dress, will they match with earrings, and what if they clash with my accessories? Pearls just seem to work with anything, I guess because they are so naturally round and lustrous, rather than sparkly.

2) The Versatility set is so …versatile. I just put on the earrings, necklace and bracelet and… my outfit felt complete.  Just like that. I felt fabulous, and would spend the whole night feeling  confident and stylish.

3) Oooh la la, I felt expensive!

4) Pearls instantly add elegance. Not just simple, clean elegance… but super-special, timeless glamour, your royal highness, modern princess kind of elegance!

5) Be prepared for compliments. People will do double takes. People will stare. People’s eyes will bug out. Women’s eyes will light up. You’ll get a lot of – Oh my god I LOVE your pearls!!!

6) Pearls feel amazing against your skin. They warm up from the heat of your body, and take on a kind of warm organic glow, like they are alive. They feel like they are a part of you somehow. They are like happy friends around your neck :)

In the end, as much as I *loved* the experience of wearing the pearls everyday, I did have to return them.

I had a little tear and I may have held onto the box a little too tightly as I passed it back to the lady behind the desk haha.

Oh and lastly, some delightful news!

Kailis Jewellery are running a Facebook competition to Win a $1,000 Voucher towards your favourite Kailis piece. Head on over, like the page, and have a go… who knows, you might win!

(However, entry is open to residents from Australia, USA, UK & Canada only.)

Good luck!!