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Somebody Get Me A Freaking Chill Pill

29 November 2012

These last few weeks, my irritation towards my children have reached a record high.

This is what I’m talking about.

Toy Guns

My kids are now playing with toy guns.

It’s the latest craze to sweep over my boys… and it annoys the crap out of me!

I have these lofty ideals that kids can and should be exposed to a wide diversity of subjects like… arts, cultures, languages, music, history, cinematography…. and I want them to learn about insects and sea creatures, discover how clouds and volcanoes are formed, engage with puzzles, crosswords, and imagination games.

Yet here they are… running around like crazy wild animals, shooting foam bullets at each other! Bah!

And they are having fun! EXHILARATING fun! How dare they!

There used to be a time when I had control over what my children played with. I confiscated every gun, sword, stick and light sabre in the house – and righteously declared that this was a NO-WEAPON HOME.

In fact, there were no computer games, or electronic gaming devices, or anything that I considered to be “pointless, time wasting activities”. I was pretty strict and I remained pretty solid with my house rules. I stuck to my guns, you could say.

So after YEARS (like 8 years?) of being incredibly uptight and bad-tempered about what my boys chose to play with…  it finally happened.

Sigh, I decided that I just have to CHILL THE HELL OUT about some things.

Now I just sit back and watch them run around in the park with their friends, shouting, shooting, jumping, rolling, commando crawling, hiding, crouching, sneaking, working in teams, attacking and defending bases.

I do a lot of sighing. And rolling of my eyes.

But I’m a much happier person this way.

And so are they!